C2E2: DC Stops Short Of Confirming Villains Month

Earlier this month, a rumor began circulating that DC Comics plans to make September 2013 a line-wide Villains Month for the New 52, with new #1 issues featuring an evil takeover of its ongoing series. The rumor was lent more weight today at C2E2 2013 during the DC 101 panel by DC Vice President of Marketing John Cunningham.

During the question and answer period of the panel, a fan asked about a potential "Crime Syndicate of America" series in the New 52. While both Cunningham and DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras dodged the question, Cunningham said, "You asked that question about a month before you should have asked it."

The Crime Syndicate of America was created in the 1960s as an alternate-Earth evil version of the Justice League. While the Crime Syndicate hasn't shown up so far in the New 52, Owlman (the Crime Syndicate's version of Batman) has shown up in Scott Snyder's "Night of the Owls." Lincoln March, who Snyder revealed to be Thomas Wayne, Jr., uses the alias Owlman, which could be a backdoor into forming a New 52 version of the Crime Syndicate.

A month from now would be very close to DC's release of its September solicitations, coinciding with the rumored release of Villains Month. Whether or not "Crime Syndicate of America" is an actual title DC plans to publish remains unknown, but more will likely be revealed in the weeks leading to the release of the publisher's September solicits.

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