C2E2 | Dark Horse keeps on truckin' with 'Ghost Fleet'

Buzzkill writer Donny Cates is teaming with Space-Mullet cartoonist Daniel Warren Johnson and colorist Lauren Affe for Ghost Fleet, a 12-issue series the Dark Horse teases will blend big rigs and conspiracies.

Arriving Nov. 5, the action series centers on Ghost Fleet, the go-to trucking service for transporting the world's most valuable, most dangerous and most secretive cargo. But when one driver takes a peek at his payload, his life is changed forever.

The publisher made the announcement over the weekend at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, where it also revealed plans to reformat its Dark Horse Presents anthology -- it moves from 80 pages to 48 -- which will include a new Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot story by Frank Miller and Geof Darrow, as well as a new Kabuki tale by David Mack.

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