C2E2 | Could New Comics Day move to Tuesday? [Updated]

At the Diamond Retailer Summit on Thursday at C2E2, the direct-market distributor floated the possibility of shifting comics-release day from Wednesday to Tuesday -- a proposition frequently discussed among store owners and publishers.

According to a brief report at iFanboy.com, Diamond offered the idea contingent on retailer agreement to pay an additional $5 a week. In a show of hands, a Tuesday release narrowly won.

A Tuesday New Comics Day would put the direct market in line with DVD and book releases.

Developing, presumably ...

Update: Heidi MacDonald has more details of the proposal, which would see all stores receiving shipments on Monday -- rather than some on Tuesday and others on Wednesday -- for a Tuesday street date. I was initially stumped by the reason for the $5 surcharge, but MacDonald reports it would be to fund a "Street Date Team" to help ensure that retailers don't violate the Tuesday release.

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