C2E2: Chloe Bennet Reveals Her (In)Humanity

Sunday afternoon at C2E2, a spotlight panel on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." star Chloe Bennet found the actress answering fan questions about her character Daisy Johnson and what's coming up on the show. Actress Clare Kramer once again served as moderator for the main-stage panel.

Bennet, who said she "grew up like seven minutes down the street," said her siblings all played sports growing up but "I didn't have that coordination." "Now it's like they're coming to my sporting events."

Bennet said she only found out her character Skye was Daisy on camera, which she supposed was "a method thing -- let's see how surprised you are on camera!"

On the casting process, she said after her last callback that "my agent called and said, 'you didn't get it... but you didn't not get it. You're the only one left." Joss Whedon favored her, but "the network wasn't sure." Whedon wrote a new scene for her to test, and "the next day I got the role."

The actress noted that her role is unusual in that, over the course of three seasons, "I've essentially played four different characters" due to Daisy's evolution into Quake.

Returning to the idea of learning about the character only when the character learns, Bennet recalled one instance where this was not the case."When I found out Ward was HYDRA before Daisy did, it was hard to do scenes with him," Bennet said. "He's like, 'why are you so mad at me?' Because you're HYDRA!"

The floor was then opened to fan questions.

The first was about a musical episode. While some castmembers sing on set, "I've heard others sing... and we don't want to get cancelled," Bennet said.

Bennet said that, while she can't talk about what's coming up for her character, "I do know what happens at the end of this season and it's crazy -- I can't wait to go to cons after all the episodes air."

Will we ever see Daisy's biological father again? "I think we will, because everyone loves Kyle [MacLachlan], he is awesome."

Bennet said she's #TeamCap, but on "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice," she said, "I kind of ignore that side of comics."

On the subject of her history with comics, Bennet said, "I really liked the X-Men, that was the first superhero movie I saw." She added that she didn't read comics, but caught up for work. She said this helped her catch on she might be Daisy Johnson slightly before it was revealed to her.

Bennet said Skye's van had Illinois plates because of the actress's roots in Chicago. "That was on purpose," Whedon reportedly told her.

The actress recounted her first meeting with Robert Downey, Jr. "He just comes up to me, he's about this close to my face, I don't think he knew who I was," Bennet began. "He says, 'Hello.' I say, 'Hello.' He says, 'How are you.' 'I'm good, Robert Downey, Jr.' -- I'm shitting my pants -- and he pauses for a moment and shrugs and says, 'Well, you never know.' And walks away!"

Asked about roles she'd like to play, Bennet said, "I'd like to do something where I don't have to wear a lot of makeup." She noted that on "S.H.I.E.L.D." there's an aesthetic where "everything has to be perfect." "I'd like to do something where I don't have to worry if my hair is a mess."

Bennet said she enjoyed "all of the dubsmash videos we made for San Diego, but once we had to make them they became a little bit less fun."

Asked if she'd like to crossover into one of the Marvel films, Bennet joked, "No, I'd hate that. "No, that would be amazing!" she said. "You guys have to make that happen, because I don't think they know our show exists."

"I wouldn't do a crossover with DC movies, though," she said, adding that "they have to catch up."

A fan asked about Bennet's Britney Spears impression, and the actress obliged with a line or two from "Oops I Did It Again."

Bennet said "this week was the hardest week on the show, which I can't tell you about." Fans will have to wait until episode 19 to find out why it was so trying "physically and emotionally."

Growing up in Chicago, does Bennet support the Cubs or White Sox? "Oh, Sox." Lots of boos from the crowd. "I was raised to like real baseball," she said. "Let's face it, Wrigley Field is like a giant bar and there happens to be a game of baseball."

Asked about favorite fictional characters, she said "I love Harry Potter so much I can't watch the movies, because I just get so mad I'm not Harry Potter." Bennet added she is a Gryffindor.

Bennet said she really wants a Funko figure of Daisy. "Everybody get on Twitter right now and tell them you want one -- let's fuck this shit up!" A good portion of the audience broke out their phones to make it happen.

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