C2E2 | Ben Templesmith working on 'illustrated film'

At C2E2 this weekend Ben Templesmith and Halo-8 announced they were working on a new project together. Templesmith said it's an "illustrated film" that will "meld the cinematic storytelling style of comics with good audio/voice acting & some animation/CGI in places."

"A fusion of many things, and dedicated to the medium itself, rather than an adaptation, which most things 'motion comics' actually are currently," he wrote on his blog. "It's going to be an interesting ride and Matt Pizzolo, F.J. DeSanto and gang at Halo-8 are giving me a fantastic chance to explore the new dynamics opening up in storytelling media."

As for the story, Templesmith said it's "sort of Band Of Brothers...but with SQUID," mixing a war story with "Cthulhu-ish ideas." He said there's no release date yet, but he also plans to adapt it into comic form at some point.

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