C2E2: Amazing Spider-Man Panel

Marvel Comics opened the second day of C2E2 2012 with a panel dedicated to everyone's favorite web-slinger. Moderated by Marvel Director Of Communications, Publishing & Digital Media Arune Singh, the "Amazing Spider-Man" panel featured Editor in Chief Axel Alonso, "Amazing Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott, Assistant Editor Tom Brennan and "Scarlet Spider" artist Ryan Stegman and brings new announcements, details on Slott's "Ends of the Earth" event and more.

Before the panel even began, a costumed Spider-Man posed for photographs in front of the room, impressively staying in character and posing with spider-like agility all the way through the hour. After a brief panelist introduction (and a call from Alonso to "Venom" writer Rick Remender), the panel kicked off into full swing with "Ends of the Earth."

"In Ends of the Earth, we've seen Doctor Octopus' opening gambit as we've seen he might have the cure to global warming," said Slott. "One of the people who doesn't believe in Doc's plan is Spider-Man. ... I've done the math, and when this issue comes up this week, Steve Wacker will have edited one fifth of every single issue of 'Amazing Spider-Man.'" Slott also thanked the audience for supporting the book.

"Spider-Man is facing off with Black Widow and Silver Sable against Sandman in the desert," Slott teased of the upcoming event. At this point, Remender walked into the panel to applause and took his seat.

After the applause died down, Slott continued, teasing a new arc called "No Turning Back" starring the Lizard. "I loved Zeb Wells' story 'Shed,' which left the Lizard in a very dark place," he said, mentioning events in "Spider Island" with Dr. Michael Morbius would bring about a huge change to the status quo.

Stegman talked a bit about the reaction to "Scarlet Spider," saying the weekend he went to Houston to promote the book was "the craziest weekend of my life."

"Coming up in issue six, Anna Kraven is going to be stopping by," said Brennan, who revealed Stegman will be leaving "Scarlet Spider" after issue #6, replaced by Khoi Pham and then announced Stegman will be moving to "Fantastic Four." When asked what he would be doing with Jonathan Hickman in "Fantastic Four, Stegman said, "I don't really know yet."

"Venom" was up next, with Remender speaking about "The Savage Six," the newest storyarc. "There's a lot of energy in the room to what we're building here," said Remender. "The Crime Master knows Flash is Venom ... all the villains Flash has encountered during the series all culminate here in this big story. ... He needs to be the darker mirror image of Peter. ... We've known this endgame for a while and we've been building to this for a while. If you like seeing Flash Thompson's life suck, you're going to like this story. It's one of the best things I've been associated with, I'm very proud of it." Remender further teased major developments in the life of the former Venom, Eddie Brock.

"It's not just Norman finding out Peter Parker's Spider-Man, it's a gang lord knowing that you're Venom," said Remender, comparing "The Savage Six" to Norman Osborn discovering Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

The panel moved on to "Avenging Spider-Man," where Singh mentioned issue #9 would feature the new Captain Marvel and will be written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Terry Dodson. "If you like Spider-Man and you want to see him interact with the larger Marvel Universe, it's a great series to check out," said Singh.

Alonso next spoke about "Spider-Men," the five issue limited series that brings Peter Parker and Miles Morales together. Alonso noted the popularity of Miles Morales following the death of Ultimate Peter Parker and said "now's the time" to allow Miles to meet Peter Parker. "You can imagine how mind-bending it would be to encounter a Peter Parker from another universe," said Alonso.

"Ultimate Gwen Stacy does play a role in this story, which adds some nuance to the series," said Singh.

Singh then moved on to "The Omega Effect," the crossover between "Avenging Spider-Man," "Punisher" and "Daredevil" by Mark Waid and Greg Rucka. "A lot of the Marvel New York books are having a lot of bleed-over," said Slott. "It's fun to see this street-level Spider-Man. This story's great."

"It's not a matter of 'Marvel Team-Up,' they each have something the other needs," said Brennan. "They all have, on some level, the same goal."

Slott also noted Spider-Man's new oath that his "no one dies" philosophy would come into play during "The Omega Effect." "When Punisher's around, everyone dies," said Slott. "Spider-Man's trying to make Punisher adhere to that rule."

With that, the panel opened it up to the audience for questions and the costumed Spider-Man was asked on the stage with the panelists after posing for the entire panel.

Slott mentioned there would be a "very Goblin-centric" three-part story that would take place following a two-part story taking place after "No Turning Back."

Remender spoke about the relationship between Venom and Spider-Man in the Spidey universe. "Venom and Spider-Man are natural enemies, but this incarnation of Venom doesn't work that way," said Remender. "What happens when Spider-Man finds out when Venom's on a secret squad of the Avengers and Cap put him there. It's akin to Cap finding out Spider-Man has a secret squad of Avengers and the Red Skull's on it."

Stegman mentioned some of his design choices while drawing Kaine in "Scarlet Spider" and making him more imposing. "It was definitely something I wanted to maintain," said Stegman. "There has to be some separation between him and Peter. I couldn't make him so bulky that he couldn't do the spider poses you want him to do."

Slott teased something exciting for all Mary Jane fans, mentioning "There is going to be a major status quo change for Mary Jane in 'Ends of the Earth.'"

"When 'Avengers vs. X-Men' is over, you're going to see big, seismic changes to the Marvel Universe," said Slott "That also seems to happen right around 'Spider-Man' #700."

The writer also fielded a question about Peter's life following the events of "Big Time" and whether things would revert back to the old Parker Luck status quo. "When you have so much, you really have so much to lose," said Slott. "Right now, J. Jonah Jameson is doing everything he can to shut Horizon down. If that happens, it's the end of Peter's Earth."

While fielding a question about Peter's newly-regained spider-sense, Slott managed to tease a bit about the future of "Amazing Spider-Man." "Now that his spider senses are back, he has an advantage because he has the way of the spider! Spider-Fu!" The writer further teased that something might occur with Hobgoblin and the Spider-Jammers in a storyline called "Danger Zone."

Remender noted developments in Venom for everyone's favorite ex-symbiote, Eddie Brock. "Eddie Brock has been Van Helsing style hunting all the symbiotes," said Remender. "He seems to think there's an alien invasion coming. I wouldn't completely discount Eddie as crazy."

The panel revealed in the middle of the Q&A, an image with Venom, Scarlet Spider and a tiny Carnage on a syringe with the title "Minimum Carnage," to laughs of the audience.

Before the panel wrapped, one fan dressed as Wolverine joined Spider-Man onstage complete with the raspy voice. Stay tuned to CBR for more coverage of C2E2 2012.

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