C2E2 | A round-up of news from Sunday

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, or C2E2, wrapped up Sunday, and while there weren't nearly as many announcements made on Sunday as there were Friday and Saturday, there were a few more tidbits from Marvel and a fun one from BOOM!:

• At the Marvel's Next Big Thing panel, the company revealed the creative team for the new Gambit ongoing series they started teasing before the show. Writer James Asmus and artist Clay Mann will have the X-Men's favorite thief stealing items across the Marvel universe, literally, as Asmus promised to send him into space and to "places with Kirby monsters."

• The Next Big Thing panel also brought the news that Jamie McKelvie will begin drawing Defenders with issue #8.

• Marvel's Mighty Thor and Journey Into Mystery will crossover later this year in an event called "Everything Burns." It'll feature the villain Surtur. "It stretches the whole nine realms. It threatens every pantheon and planet in all creation. When we say 'everything burns,' we mean everything. Everything you've seen, anything you've cared about, anything at all... cinders, dust. It's big," JiM writer Kieron Gillen told Newsarama.

• The Ultimate Comics crossover event that'll bring Captain America back is called Divided We Fall and will run through all three Ultimate titles. "It's more a case of books running parallel to each other, telling different aspects of a single narrative. Right now, we're grappling with this one problem -- events in X-Men are getting so hot, so urgent that logically there is no way that Captain America and Fury and the rest of the Ultimates would not interfere, seeing as they are all operating near each other. They would be absolutely compelled to. So we're looking at ways to address that without those heavyweight characters taking over Kitty and the X-Men, and stepping on my story," incoming Ultimate Comics X-Men writer Brian Wood told CBR.

• "Vampire rocker girl" Marceline from Adventure Time will get her own spinoff miniseries from BOOM! Studios. It will be written and drawn by Meredith Gran, creator of the webcomic Octopus Pie.

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