C2E2 | A round-up of news from Saturday

If the first day of the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo was dominated by announcements from Dark Horse and DC Comics, then the second day belonged to Marvel, which followed through on its teaser for a new series, revealed an Icon relaunch, and shuffled some creators. Here are some of the highlights from Saturday (along with a couple of holdovers from Friday):

• As usual, the "Cup O' Joe" panel was where Marvel rolled out its biggest publishing announcements, beginning with confirmation that the teaser released last week is indeed for a Hawkeye ongoing series reuniting The Immortal Iron Fist collaborators Matt Fraction and David Aja. In the title, which debuts in August, Clinton Barton will be accompanied by fan-favorite Young Avenger Kate Bishop as he fights organized crime in New York City. "It's very Avengers, by which I mean John Steed and Emma Peel. There's a whole healthy person between the two of them," Fraction told Comic Book Resources. "There's a line in Rocky where he says, 'I got bumps. You got bumps. Together we fit,' or something like that -- the two of them fit together. Each one has what the other doesn't, which means they work very well together. She's young, incredibly gifted, incredibly cultured, and incredibly headstrong. She doesn't suffer his crap and also wants to be someone worthwhile, but she's trying to figure out how to make that possible. She follows him not because of his abilities, but his accomplishments. So they work together quite well. It's an apprentice and master style relationship."

• Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming will relaunch the long-running Powers in July as Powers FBI in hopes of drawing in new readers ahead of the anticipated premiere of the FX television adaptation, whose pilot is in limbo but, the network insists, "is not dead."

• At its Before Watchmen panel, DC Comics officially unveiled New Frontiersman, a promotional website for the Watchmen prequels based on the newspaper read by Rorschach in the original miniseries.

• During the "Vertigo -- New Blood" panel, the DC imprint unveiled Collider, a futuristic psychic-cop series from Simon Oliver (The Exterminators, Gen 13) and Robbi Rodriguez (Uncanny X-Force, Maintenance).

Mark Waid announced the first title from his new digital comics imprint will be Insufferable, with artist Peter Krause and colorist Nolan Woodard, "about what happens when you have a sidekick who grows up to be a completely ungrateful, self-aggrandizing, Kanye West of a man who will not shut up about how much of a genius he is and how the world is a better place now that you guys are broken up because now he can do it all the way he wanted to do it."

Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi will reteam as of Wolverine #310 for "Sabretooth Reborn," returning to a story they began five years ago in "Evolution."

Artist Ryan Stegman will join writer Jonathan Hickman on Fantastic Four, beginning with Issue 609.

Khoi Pham will take over art duties on Marvel's Scarlet Spider beginning with July's Issue 7.

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