C2E2 | A round-up of news and announcements from this weekend

The second C2E2 convention, hosted by ReedPOP in Chicago, wrapped up yesterday. Here's an attempt to round up all the comic-related news that was announced at various panels during the show. I'd be surprised if I didn't miss something.

While Marvel and DC Comics were both in attendance and held multiple panels, Marvel dominated in terms of the number of announcements, which is no surprise -- DC tends to favor announcing new projects and creative teams on their Source blog rather than at conventions these days. I only point this out after seeing the long list of Marvel announcements and the far fewer DC ones in my summary below.

• Marvel confirmed earlier reports by officially announcing the creative teams for the two "Big Shots" titles they've been teasing, Daredevil and The Punisher. Irredeemable/Amazing Spider-Man writer Mark Waid will pen Daredevil, with Amazing Spider-Man artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin illustrating.

"Tonally, it's still very much a crime series, but we're toning down the noir a bit and playing up the high adventure a bit more," Waid told Comic Book Resources. "He's the Man Without Fear. I want to see that constantly. I want to see him diving face-first into perils that would make Green Lantern shriek like a little girl."

Detective Comics/Whiteout writer Greg Rucka and Amazing Spider-Man/Daredevil artist Mark Checchetto, meanwhile, are the creative team for the new Punisher series, which is set in the Marvel Universe.

"At the start I'm less interested in dealing with the Punisher's gallery of established rogues than I am with establishing a status quo," Rucka told CBR. "Where I'm coming from will allow us to bring a couple of new organizations into New York and to set up some other criminal enterprises and adversarial forces that he could be facing, because frankly if you're in the mob and you're in New York you're terribly dumb. At this point you really do know how that ends."

• With Daredevil returning, what does that mean for the Black Panther, who took over his book after Shadowland? Fans of T'Challa have nothing to fear, as the Black Panther: The Man Without Fear series by David Liss and Francisco Francavilla will continue. The next story arc will feature Kraven the Hunter and Storm.

• Liss is also working on a new miniseries called Mystery Men for Marvel, which debuts in June. Drawn by Patrick Zircher, it features the Marvel Universe of 1932.

• Marvel also announced that writer Rob Williams and artist Matthew Clark are working on a new Ghost Rider series, which launches in June.

• That's not the only new project announced for Williams -- he's also working on an Iron Man project called The Iron Age with artist Rebekah Isaacs.

• The Ultimate Spider-Man team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley are teaming up for a creator-owned series that will be published through Marvel's Icon imprint. The book, called Brilliant, is about science students trying to create superpowers in a lab. It begins in July.

• At the Dynamite Entertainment panel, writer Garth Ennis revealed he's working on a new Marvel book starring Nick Fury for their more adult-oriented MAX line.

• In other MAX news, Kyle Higgins and Manuel Garcia are working on a four-issue miniseries Supreme Power series that continues the stories began in J. Michael Straczysnki's series of the same name.

The Sixth Gun writer Cullen Bunn and Batgirl artist Lee Garbett are working on a Fear Itself tie-in called The Deep. It sort of stars the Defenders, as Namor calls on Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer and She-Hulk to help him out against some secret villains. "Suffice it to say, there is a villain Namor has faced before, a powerful group of villains with ties to the Defenders and some new threats who will be harrowing our heroes," Bunn told CBR.

• Fred Van Lente will write another Fear Itself tie-in that hasn't been officially announced yet. It will star Amadeus Cho and the new Power Man.

• Greg Pak will end his very long run on The Incredible Hulk with a storyline called "Heart of the Monster."

• DC Comics revealed that as a result of the upcoming Flashpoint event, The Flash will end with issue #12.

• Dark Horse announced a new Star Wars: Dark Times miniseries, by Mick Harrison and Doug Wheatley. Like the previous one, it's set in the time between Episodes III and IV of the movie franchise.

• Dynamite announced that Jesse Blaze Snyder will write a new series starring the Chaos Universe character Evil Ernie. Publisher Nick Barrucci said Evil Ernie will be the lynchpin of the new Chaos Universe, with other writers following Snyder's lead.

• Dynamite also teased a possible Bionic Man comic book.

• DC Comics, Image, BOOM!, Dynamite and a number of other publishers have signed on with comiXology's Digital Storefront Affiliate program.

• Dark Horse will publish another Mass Effect comic later this year.

• IDW announced that their Doctor Who comics are now available digitally.

• Avatar's Boundless imprint will publish War Goddess by Mike Wolfer and Pao Rodrix, which stars Avatar heroines Pandora, Widow and Hellina.

• Oni Press announced a new graphic novel, One Soul, by Possessions creator Ray Fawkes.

And these of course are just the news bits ... to find out who said what at which panel, check out CBR's complete coverage of the con.

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