C. Thomas Howell Caught In The <i>Spider-Man</i> Reboot's Web

Spider-Man's web just keeps on getting bigger. Entertainment Weekly confirmed that actor C. Thomas Howell will appear in the character's upcoming cinematic reboot, but for a yet undisclosed role. The only thing known so far is his character name: Ray.

Sony's upcoming reboot already ensnared actors Andrew Garfield for the lead role of Peter Parker, Emma Stone as his love interest Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as the movie's villain, the Lizard. The role of Ray for Howell remains a mystery for now, as no vitally important Spider-Man comic character with that name comes to mind. Long missing from major Hollywood movies, but ever present on the television front, the one-time child actor starred in such films as Red Dawn, The Hitcher and Gettysburg.

The Spider-Man reboot follows off from the insanely controversial Spider-Man 3, which marked the end of director Sam Raimi's time with the character. The upcoming film begins a brand new continuity for the web-slinging hero and takes him back to the high school setting that the character became famous for during his creation in the 1960s. The biggest difference of course being the addition of Gwen Stacy as the lead romance—a character that, as comic fans know, served that purpose way before Mary Jane came along.

As for Howell's character of Ray, guesses are welcome. The best bet considering Howell's age compared to the rest of the cast marks him as possibly a teacher, friend and colleague of Ifans' Curt Connors. Another possibility, with the confirmation of Uncle Ben's appearance, might be as the Burglar that changes Spider-Man's life forever and teaches him that with "great power comes great responsibility."

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