"C.O.W.L." co-writer Kyle Higgins provided CBR with the following statement to accompany the preview of issue #6, which dives deep into the world of the series:

"For Alec and me, the big draw of doing a creator-owned series has always been the opportunity to world build in unique ways. So, after wrapping our first arc with a huge twist, we thought this was the perfect moment to shine a light on The Grey Raven -- C.O.W.L.'s founder, Geoffrey Warner -- and tell his origin as an 'of-the-world' 1962 comic. As a bit of PR, Geoffrey hired a writer and an artist to tell his story in four colors, taking advantage of the popular medium that was starting to explode with New York-based superheroes.

"Elsa Charretier is joining us on art, in her first full U.S. comic, and as you can see here... she's someone readers should be on the lookout for. Really, really wonderful stuff.

"And, since the issue is both Geoffrey's origin and a piece of C.O.W.L. PR, the comic will have advertisements for C.O.W.L. related toys ('you too can fight crime like The Grey Raven!'), other Image books (in a 1962 style), and an honest to god, real life 'cut-out and mail-in' form for readers to get their official C.O.W.L. embroidered patches (yes, we're actually doing this). The original ads and mail in giveaway are all the work of Jen Aprahamian, and have been a total blast to see her put together."

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