Bye, bye, mince American pie

Thank God for slow Festivus news days. When else would we find the time to read a fascinating article on the rise and fall of the mince pie? The Chicago Reader's Cliff Doersken blows my pumpkin-loving mind with his eye-opening essay on what was once considered "the monarch of the pies." A spiced beef-based concoction, mince pie was the holiday staple and home-cooked favorite of this great nation throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries -- despite the fact that pretty much everyone admitted the ingredients were unhealthy, disgusting, and even psychologically damaging. I'm totally not kidding.

Best of all, for Robot 6's purposes at least, the piece is accompanied by a selection of vintage newspaper comics that prove what a pop-cultural staple the mince pie once was. I'd say something about newspapers themselves following mince pie into the gullet of history, but that's hardly in the holiday spirit, so I'll just say the article's a feast for those hungry for lost Americana and leave it at that.

(Hat tip: Matthew Perpetua)

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