Bye Bye 'Abramsverse': Alternate 'Star Trek' Timeline Gets Official Name

Star Trek fans finally have an official name to use when referring to the film franchise currently unfolding in movie theaters. With the release of the J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Trek" in 2009, a splinter timeline was created that effectively rebooted the franchise while still maintaining ties to the previous decades of canon. That Star Trek series continued with 2013's "Star Trek Into Darkness" and will once again arrive in theaters with this summer's "Star Trek Beyond." But without an official name to call the timeline, Star Trek fans have had to use a variety of unofficial names like the Abramsverse, or the JJverse, or NuTrek or the Alternate Original Series (AOS). Now, as revealed in a "Star Trek Online" blog post, there's an official name for it:

The Kelvin Timeline.

The timeline is named after the Federation starship USS Kelvin, the ship that was destroyed by the arrival of the Romulan ship Narada from the far future in the opening moments of 2009's "Star Trek." CBS Consumer Products' Holly Amos tweeted about the new name, explaining that they needed an official designation to distinguish it from the other "Trek" timeline.

@isolinearchick @EnterpriseExtra More than that, we needed an in-universe term since we needed some way to refer to it in the encyclopedia.

— Holly Amos (@hollyamos22) June 21, 2016

Amos also revealed that the name comes from Michael and Denise Okuda, the authors behind numerous Trek reference guides. The name will also continue to come in handy as both Star Trek timelines co-exist in pop culture. With no Trek TV series on the air the Kelvin Timeline has been the sole Trek timeline in action for the past seven years. But a new Star Trek series is on the way from showrunner Bryan Fuller -- and it's set in the original timeline.

The Kelvin Timeline's "Star Trek Beyond" opens in theaters on July 22; the original timeline's new Star Trek series will arrive in 2017 on CBS All Access.

(via io9)

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