The Buy Pile: Rebels, Mightor and the Fall of the Justice League


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Justice League #41 (DC Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. What if ... Killmonger had the Black Panther suit and fought the Justice League? Backed into an impossible position, the team faces a relentless, brilliant enemy capable of almost anything. No, he doesn't have vibranium or a hyper advanced nation, but Superman et al. discover that for all their power, they can be outflanked by people with prep time that even the Batman can't handle, trapped by the limits of their morality.


This Christopher Priest script is as mean as a freshly tailored suit or a razor thin mini skirt, and the visuals from Phillipe Brione, Jeromy Cox and Willie Schubert captures it all, from wide screen shock to close ups on combat in breath-and-spittle proximity. This ain't your daddy's Justice League... and that's a good thing.RATING: BUY

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Star Wars #45 (Marvel Comics)

If someone would just freaking talk to Luke, things would be different in Star Wars #45.

Jump from the Read Pile. This series has never been bad, introducing fun concepts like a lightsaber-wielding elite stormtrooper for example. Normally, it plays like moments between scenes, never completing a narrative. Here, it does all of that great character work (relying heavily on first trilogy photo reference, admittedly) while telling a great story of a scrappy Rebel scheme to strike a blow against the monolithic, overpowering Empire.


If you're a long time fan, only a meeting scene that had another chance for people to talk and save so many lives but instead passed silently like R2 never mentioning he used to fly with a Sith Lord. This is great, balanced storytelling from Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larocca, Guru eFX and Clayton Cowles. RATING: BUY

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Future Quest Presents #8 (DC Comics)

Throw your hands in the air for freaking Mightor in Future Quest Presents #8!

Jump from the Read Pile. The lead character Mightor has a gift, excellently balancing the exuberance of a child and the intense power of a demigod. As such, he has the advantage of being really good at what he does (rare in this day and age, even with a voice guiding him in his ear) and fun to watch as he puts it all on the line to defend all he holds dear, never letting the smile slip off his face.


Writer Jeff Parker is pitch perfect with his light, enjoyable script while the artwork from Steve Lieber, Ryan Hill and Simon Bowland capture the vibrancy of the source material while effectively grasping the art form's conventions to make a great comic book. RATING: BUY

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