The Buy Pile: Daredevil, Squirrel Girl & Genetic Madness

Daredevil #595


Every week Hannibal Tabu (winner of the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt/blogger/novelist/poet/jackass on Twitter/head honcho of Komplicated) grabs a whole lotta comics. These periodicals are quickly sorted (how) into two piles -- the "buy" pile (a small pile most weeks, comprised of planned purchases) and the "read" pile (often huge, often including comics that are really crappy but have some value to stay abreast of). Thursday afternoons you'll be able to get his thoughts (and they're just the opinions of one guy, so calm down, and here's some common definitions used in the column) about all of that ... which goes something like this ...


Daredevil #595 (Marvel Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. The best thing about this issue, and many before it, is that it's stretching unusual, if not new, muscles. With all the certainty of Kelsey Grammar in the series Boss, Wilson Fisk has been legally elected the mayor of New York: campaigning as an outsider, promising to crack down on the chaos, and using his harsh reputation as a selling point. With all the power now at his disposal, he immediately works to undo the work of the title character to bring justice and order to the city. Sound familiar? Scarily familiar? This work from Charles Soule, Stefano Landini, Matt Villa and Clayton Cowles is nuanced, clever and insidious in the best possible ways.

Eugenic #2 (Boom! Studios)

Eugenic #2
You simply are not ready for how messed up Eugenic #2 is.

Jump from the Read Pile. Wow. Humanity is a dead end, and its successor is unified in its condescension and "care" for the remnants. There are a number of very, very compelling twists in this plot and the work of James Tynion the Fourth, Eryk Donovan, Dee Cunniffe and Jim Campbell is haunting and awful in that it's so possible, but undeniably entertaining. Take your time with this one, it's worth it.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26 (Marvel Comics)

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26
Get out your markers for the zine-themed The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26.

This is not a comic book everyone will enjoy. This isn't even a straight narrative. This ridiculous and often laugh out loud collection of meta-narrative snippets is a wholly humorous intent. As might be expected, "Brain Drain's Olde Tyme Feel Good Inspiration Corner" and "The Wonderful World of Loki" are particularly entertaining and multiple other installments connected too (nice surprise on the Wolverine one). The credits list is as long as a city bus (seriously, look it up) and fans of this book will eat this up but no, this is not for everybody -- only the nutty people.


Mind-expanding, enjoyable stuff to start us off, yay!

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