Buy Me, Fan Boy: This New Lobo Figure is Riding Your Way

With Warner Bros.' long-planned "Lobo" movie showing new signs of life, the Main Man could be poised to receive more attention than he's ever experienced in his three-decade history. For die-hard fans of DC Comics' cigar-chomping, hard-living interstellar bounty hunter, that moment is long past due.

It's for those devotees that Sideshow Collectibles is releasing this highly detailed Lobo Sixth Scale Figure.

Standing about 14 inches tall, the figure captures the Ultimate Bastich in all of his glory, decked out in a faux-leather vest with a studded "Bite Me, Fan Boy" patch on the back, spiked boots, and a studded belt with skull buckle. Oh, he's armed, too, with a pistol as well as a hook with metal chain. If neither of those will do the trick, Lobo can always resort to his fists.

The latest in Sideshow's DC Comics Sixth Scale collection, Lobo comes with five interchangeable hands: a pair of fists, a pair of pistol-gripping hands, and one hook grip hand. The Sideshow-exclusive version comes with a cigar-gripping hand, and (of course) stogie accessory.

Like most detailed collectibles, this one comes with a high price: $250. However, Sideshow offers a payment plan, if that makes things easier on your wallet (not to mention, easier to justify to your significant other).

Available for preorder now, the Lobo Sixth Scale Figure is expected to ship sometime between August 2017 and October 2018. Yes, waiting is the hardest part.

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