Buy Frank Santoro's <i>Storeyville</i>, shipped direct from his dad's house!

Okay, not exactly -- they'll be shipped from Pittsburgh's Copacetic Comics. But still, the source of this secret stash of Frank Santoro's long-out-of-print newspaper-format comic about a young man's journey through the down-and-out America of the early 20th century was a long-forgotten box found in his dad's house.

"All the others were destroyed in the fire at my mom's house. No joke," Santoro writes of the discovery.

So once this box is gone, so too is your opportunity to read a pretty stunning comic in its original format. Santoro's visual shifts between realism and impressionism, and what they say about his protagonist Will's tormented mental state, are a master class in establishing and controlling tone in comics. Order now, but if you miss out, don't worry -- you can always spring for the hardcover edition from PictureBox.

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