<i>Button Man</i> Targets Writer

DreamWorks has hired Black List sceenwriter Matt Cook to take a pass at Nicholas Winding Refn's Button Man: The Killing Game, Deadline reports.

Based on John Wagner and Arthur Ranson's recurring strip in 2000 A.D., Button Man revolves around Harry Exton, a killer who takes part in a game where assassins go after one another for their rich patrons. The story kicks off with Harry deciding to bow out and get a new gig. As you might expect, that causes a few waves.

A first draft of the script was tackled by Hilary Seitz (Insomnia) and Barry Levy (Paranoia). Drive director Refn will fit the film in somewhere after his next offering Only God Forgives, the announced Logan's Run remake and the Barbarella television series.

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