Business Matters: Jason Hall talks "Trigger"

[Trigger 2]There are very few genres unexplored by DC Comics/ Vertigo, but come November fans will see yet another subject approached in the pages of "Trigger": the effect of corporations on society. Writing the book is Vertigo fan favorite writer Jason Hall ("Beware The Creeper," "Justice League Adventures," "Batman Adventures" & "Crush") and looked upon by many as the next big sleeper hit from the popular mature readers imprint. Hall took some time to speak with CBR News and explained the genesis of the series.

"The powers-that-be at Vertigo were really happy with 'Beware The Creeper' (which was great to hear) and wanted me to tackle my own creator-owned series instead of merely doing another mini-series based on an existing DC property," Hall explained. "That sounded great to me, so I immediately sent them a short pitch for 'Trigger.' The response was excellent, they wanted more, and I put together an extensive proposal that outlined the entire series, complete with detailed character/world descriptions and my plans for the lives of these characters. Despite the fact that ETHICORP actually managed to censor part of it, the folks at DC/Vertigo loved it and approved it right away, before we even began to consider possible artists. So I began working on the script for the first issue while we went through a list of potential artists for the series. John Watkiss had recently sent in some new samples that we all liked the looks of, so they had him do up some designs for 'Trigger' based on my detailed proposal. What he put together was stunning and gorgeous and seemed to be the perfect fit, so we all agreed he was the right person for the job. And now we've got Jeromy Cox on colors to boot, so this is going to be one attractive looking book."

"Trigger" also has a premise created with equal passion. "For me, 'Trigger' is about writing a monthly comic book that truly feels like an on-going story where anything and everything can happen to the characters involved -- and does!" smiles Hall. "While there will be 'story-arcs' at least in a broad sense, I'm not concerned with having stories be neatly tied up and self-contained. There is a definite strong sense of an on-going continuity/story and I wanted to make the series more like the monthly comics I used to enjoy reading where the storyline would just keep continuing from issue to issue and not have to be wrapped up after five or six issues. I mean, our lives aren't tied up in neat little six-day or six-month packages, so why should those of comic book characters? That's not to say that there won't be logical "breaks" for potential trade paperback collections (if the series proves popular enough to warrant those - let's hope!) -- and the first six issues really do work more in the traditional sense of a "story-arc", though it more importantly works to set up the rest of the series. But I like the idea of even TP collections ending on cliffhangers as well as the individual issues. And I've got long-range plans for the lives of these characters and the overall story. I'm going into this with the mind-set that it's for the long haul (I'm already on the script for #9 and actually have a plan mapped out for the major story elements of the entire series), and I'll be doing my best to have readers waiting on the edge of their seats for the next issue month after month. But don't go waiting for a potential TP because we all know there's no guarantee those will be down the road. TPs are a Catch-22 because they usually depend on strong sales of the individual issues, so buy one or two for some friends! Plus, I don't think you'll want to wait, because you'll be dying to know what happens next!

"Now, concerning what the actual series is about... I can't go into too much more detail past what's in the solicitation as I always hate to give any surprises away (and this book is filled with them). Thematically, it takes a look at what's considered right and wrong and how that's not always as black and white as it may seem -- and how sometimes it can be very black and white. It also deals with the desire to want something more from life, some kind of meaning or sense of purpose -- and how it can be an uphill battle to take control of our own lives. It really all comes down to ETHICORP and what their true intentions are, which-"

Please excuse this aberration, as it appears the CBR servers have been hacked and the changes cannot be reversed.

Dear Comic Book Resources reader:

You have been reading an interview with one "Jason Hall" containing an unwarranted plea with you to order his new monthly comic book series TRIGGER published by DC/Vertigo, surely to be infested with lies about our fine, upstanding and globally respected company ETHICORP. As you can see, we had no choice but to take it upon ourselves to edit the interview for inappropriate content.

We here at ETHICORP implore you not to waste your hard-earned money on purchasing the types of blatant fallacies and half-truths sure to be propagated by this so-called "writer" Mr. Hall. Please keep in mind that this TRIGGER periodical has not been scrutinized nor made appropriate by ETHICORP's team of morality-control representatives. Don't allow your ethics to be subjugated by what is most likely merely a subversive form of hardcore pornography with no literary merit whatsoever.

Who better than ETHICORP to help you decide what is of high moral fiber? You entrust your physical health to your physician, so too should you entrust society's moral health to ETHICORP.

And remember:


We get the bad out...


Ridge Stone

Press Secretary | ETHICORP

ETHICORP is in no way affiliated with DC/Vertigo or any parent or subsidiary companies.

CBR News has contacted Mr. Stone for further comments on this unorthodox hijacking of CBR bandwidth and Stone has promised to speak with CBR readers about the truth regarding ETHICORP and to report what he calls, "a calculated attack on ETHICORP by the liberal media elite."

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