Bushido Batman is the spiky hero feudal Japan deserves

After dazzling us with Wild West Batman, confounding us with Steampunk Batman and impressing once again with Spartan Batman, Square Enix's Play Arts Variant Kai line takes the Dark Knight to feudal Japan.

Covered from head to toe in spiky armor, Bushido Batman is equipped to take on most any foe, even Ronin Riddler (that's not really a thing, yet). The 11-inch action figure is the latest entry in the Batman Timeless series, which reimagines the Caped Crusader in various eras.

Bushido Batman comes equipped with two swords (one of which seems ridiculously long), scabbards, a grappling hook, interchangeable palms, and enough sharp edges on his armor and cape to slice up half his rogues gallery.

The figure will be released in June for about $175.

(via TAG Hobby, Toyark)

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