Burton's <i>Monsterpocalypse</i> Involvement Confirmed

We asked the question last month, and now we have an answer: Tim Burton will indeed produce and direct the movie version of monster-battling game Monsterpocalypse.

It may be another toy-to-movie adaptation, but there's something about Monsterpocalypse that just screams Burton's name (Maybe it's the fact that it's about giant monsters attacking Earth), and now it's we know for sure that he's involved. /Film talked to producer Roy Lee, who confirmed that Burton is developing the movie - screenwriter John August is already at work on a script - with a view to directing the movie as another 3D visual carnival - especially when humanity builds giant robots to fight back against the monsters, no doubt - for release at the end of 2012. Not only are Burton and August already on board, but so is special effects wizard Ken Ralston, one of the men behind effects on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back To The Future and the Star Wars movies. We seriously have to wait two years to see this movie...? There's never a time machine around when you need one...

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