Burning Comic Buyer's Guide Awards Question Answered!

So, after reading through the CBG Awards Ballot, I had the same reaction as commenter jazzbo* did in Cronin's post linking to them:

And who the hell is Derf?

I finally broke down and Googled to find the answer. His wikipedia page gave me some background on his career as alternative cartoonist who does the newspaper strip "The City". Our own big bossman Jonah Weiland has a piece on SLG's collection of it from 2003. He did the comic My Friend Dahmer, which I've heard of. You can read his strips here. His blog's here, and he talks up the CBG Awards there, as well as that controversial political cartoon that ran in the NY Times recently and the apparent demise of Lynda Barry's comic strip work. And he uses the word "comix" a lot to describe his work. So I now automatically despise him with every fiber of my being. Google really is a great tool for learning!

*Well, I had the same reaction as the first two commenters, too. I consider myself to have fairly mainstream taste, but holy hell, those nominess make Wizard's look... well, slightly less bad at most, I guess. Derf sticks out even more like a soar thumb now that I know who he is.

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