Burn A Hole In Your Pocket With A Battle-Damaged Replicator Suit! [Auctions]

Last week, we came to you with the opportunity to get into Conan star Jason Mamoa's clothes. This week, you can do the same thing with Stargate: The Ark of Truth actor Currie Graham's Replicator jumpsuit, though you might have a considerably harder time given the suit's battle damage. Nonetheless, if you're up for the attempt, Propworx has you covered!

As always, read on for a more detailed description of the item and information on how to bid, courtesy of Propworx’s David Read!


David Read: Stargate: The Ark of Truth premiered exclusively on DVD on March 11, 2008. With it came all sorts of surprises, including the return of the Replicators to the Stargate franchise.

This Replicator-transformed jumpsuit was the hero version worn by actor Currie Graham as "James Marrick" in the movie. Featuring battle damage, Replicator blocks and faux human flesh, this amazing piece speaks to the carnage delivered by this new generation of bugs. Replicator behavior in the form of assimilating a human being had never been seen before, and who better than crony International Oversight Adviser Marrick to take on the role?

Along with the jumpsuit, this auction includes a partial black cotton t-shirt cut off by production to provide an upper chest and collar cover, as well as a pair of combat boots worn by the stunt performer (not pictured).

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