Bunn & Walta Are "Infamous" at Marvel in March

Wednesday brings another one-word All-New Marvel NOW! image from Marvel Comics, this time teasing something "infamous" in March 2014 from the team of writer Cullen Bunn and artist Gabriel Hernández Walta.

While "infamous" could certainly mean many different things in a Marvel Universe context, the deep purple and red lettering suggest a character with more than a fair share of infamy -- X-Men nemesis Magneto, currently part of Cyclops' squad in "Uncanny X-Men," and a character Walta has illustrated before, in issue #2 of 2011-2012 miniseries "Magneto: Not a Hero." If this teaser keeps up Marvel's recent promotional pattern, full details will likely come within 24 hours.

Bunn has recently written a variety of titles for Marvel, including "Fearless Defenders," which wrapped this week, and the January-debuting "Night of the Living Deadpool" miniseries. Walta's credits include 2009 IDW miniseries "The Veil," and sections of 2011 X-Men story "Age of X."

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