Bunn, Sliney Prove Themselves "Fearless" for Marvel NOW!

With the dawn of a new month comes a fresh Marvel NOW! one-word teaser. Newsarama kicks it off this morning with the word "FEARLESS" as the descriptor for a new title written by Cullen Bunn and art what we guess is Will Sliney, whose work is currently seen in Image's "MacGyver" miniseries.

As is standard for these teasers, Marvel did not provide any accompanying details. Considering Bunn's past work writing "Fear Itself: The Fearless" for the publisher, and his on the record statements that he'd love to revisit Valkyrie and the other characters from the mini. Speaking with ROBOT 6 in May, Bunn commented on his and co-writer Matt Fraction's open-ended finale, saying, "I'm working on something that picks up on one of the big hooks from the end of the story. Suffice it to say, the DOA is still at large and they are gonna be very busy."

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