Bunn, Haun Go Vertigo with "Wolf Moon"

In December, Cullen Bunn expands his DC Comics presence beyond the DCU with "Wolf Moon," a new werewolf miniseries debuting through Vertigo.

Announced on Bloody Disgusting, Bunn's lycanthrope adventure teams the writer with artist Jeremy Haun to give the traditional werewolf lore a new spin: Instead of being bitten and turning into a half-human/half-wolf, the series' protagonist, Dillon Chase, finds that in order to avenge his family and prevent more from being slaughtered, he must kill another human being and, in the process, take on the curse of the werewolf himself.

"I love a good werewolf story, but I knew that if I was going to write one of my own, it needed to be a little different," Bunn told Bloody Disgusting of the series' premise. "When it comes to werewolves, one of the things that is most interesting to me is that when the moon is not full, the afflicted person has to live with the repercussions of the horror they have inflicted upon those around them. Imagine that. You wake up one morning, having been plagued by vivid nightmares of running wild, of butchering people, only to realize that the nightmares were true. That kind of realization would rattle you to the core. The memory of the event would, itself, be transformative.

"So, I wanted to explore that, but I didn't want to see it from the point of view of a single person. That led me to the idea that the Wolf might "jump" from host to host with each cycle of the moon. That opened the door to see how different people might be affected in different ways. That idea also led me to the idea of tying some very cool folklore elements into the story. Those elements will become key as the series progresses."

Beyond the titular werewolves, the series will feature other, as yet unnamed monsters, various aspects of popular folklore and another person hunting the same wolf as Chase.

"Wolf Moon," featuring covers by Jae Lee, arrives in stores this December.

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