Bunn & Broccardo's "Civil War II: X-Men" Pits Mutants Against Inhumans, Each Other

This past weekend, Marvel Comics announced "Civil War II: X-Men," the four-issue X-Men tie-in to the main "Civil War II" event. Now, writer Cullen Bunn -- who will launch the miniseries with artist Andrea Broccardo -- has some new insight into the X-Men's conflict during this line-wide event.

"Without giving away too many details for 'Civil War II,' a new Inhuman has appeared," Bunn told Marvel.com. "This Inhuman has a power set that could, should a conflict between the mutants and the Inhumans ever erupt, tip the scales in a big way. Some of the X-Men -- I'm sure you can guess who -- want to get their hands on this power to control it. But to try to obtain this power could very well start this bloody feud we're talking about, and other X-characters want to make sure that doesn't happen."

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"In many ways, Erik [Magneto] lights the match that sets the two groups of X-Men against one another," he continued. "He is haunted by the current plight of the mutants. He sees them dying off -- again! In his mind, this is because of the Inhumans. There's writing on the wall. Erik sees it. Tensions are rising. And Magneto wants to prepare for the worst. He's got tunnel vision, and he's willing to trample anyone who gets in his way."

"The Extraordinary team is taking action based on what they think Magneto will do, not what he has actually done," he added.

Additionally, the X-Men's conflict won't be limited to their own tie-in title. "Without giving too much away, the X-Men are pretty heavily involved in the main story," he explained.

"This story will divide the Uncanny and Extraordinary teams, not just along team lines, but from within the teams. Some of those divisions will not heal, and you may very well see new team line-ups surfacing from the events of this series!" he shared.

"Civil War II" #0 is due from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Olivier Coipel in May; the cover for that issue has been revealed. It's also known that the death of a major superhero will spur the events of "Civil War II." "Civil War II" #1, also written by Bendis and featuring the art from David Marquez, arrives in June.

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