Bunn and Eaglesham shine a yellow spotlight on "Sinestro"

DC Comics will expand the Green Lantern family of titles with the debut of "Sinestro," an ongoing series by writer Cullen Bunn ("The Sixth Gun," "Fearless Defenders") and artist Dale Eaglesham ("Green Lantern," "Fantastic Four").

Newsarama reports that the new title starring the former Green Lantern will debut in April, saying that the series "finds Sinestro desperate having lost everything he's ever loved - his home, family, and his only friend."

"It's been a couple of years since I've done anything with DC," Bunn said on his blog. "I'm very happy to be working on another book for them... and this one is right in my wheelhouse!"

Bunn's previous work with the company is limited to an arc of "Superman/Batman," which ran shortly before the line-wide "new 52" reboot. Eaglesham, meanwhile, has a much longer resume at the company, having worked on "Justice Society of America," "H.E.R.O.," several Batman related books and "Green Lantern."

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