Bullseye Co-Creator Marv Wolfman Returns to Marvel's Most Dangerous Killer


Add veteran writer Marv Wolfman to the roster of talent slated to take up residence in Marvel Comics' Hell's Kitchen in 2017.

The publisher announced today that Wolfman, best known for his iconic run on DC Comics' "Teen Titans" with artist George Perez, is scripting stories featuring Daredevil's most unstable foe, Bullseye. Illustrated by Alec Morgan, the tales will be released as a back-up feature in the first issue of the villain's five-issue miniseries, which debuts February 1.

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Wolfman is more than familiar with the character, having co-created him with artist John Romita Sr.in 1976's "Daredevil" #131. Now, over thirty years after unleashing the demented mercenary on the Marvel Universe, Wolfman returns to rain down death and destruction on New York City once again. "What does Bullseye want with the Mafia’s most sensitive information? What lengths will he go to in order to get it?"

“Bullseye” will be written by Ed Brisson and feature art by Guillermo Sanna. The title will focus on the unrepentant killer attempting to maintain the balance between psychotic murderer and a cool and collected assassin while doing what he does best – killing anyone who happens to cross his path.

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“Bullseye” #1, by Ed Brisson and Guillermo Sanna, with a back-up story by Marv Wolfman and Alec Morgan and covers by Dave Johnson, arrives February 1 2017.

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