Bulletproof Press Publishes 'Death's Whisper' Graphic Novel

Official Press Release

[Death's Whisper]Minneapolis, MN (09/01/2002) - Bulletproof Press is proud to announce the release of Death's Whisper, the debut graphic novel from TRE Studios.

Death's Whisper is a love story; a story about rivals, revenge, betrayal and spent shell casings. This super natural, crime thriller is the product of the mind of Tim Erickson - a Bloomington, MN native, whose dream of becoming a graphic author has been realized.

Book 1 of a planned trilogy, takes place deep in the city, in an area called SOHO in a time of social and economic disorder; where mob bosses with their murder squads and hit men, fight for control of a city in chaos. Whisper, a female assassin for the mob, falls deeply in love with Azrael, the Angel of Death - whose identity is unknown to her. During a coup against the Don, Whisper is brutally murdered by other agents of the Mafia. Enraged, Death slaughters the killers. Feeling responsible for her mortality, he refuses to "collect" Whisper; breaking the code of his duties and bringing about the main conflict of Death's Whisper.

Since the release, industry professionals have given high praise to Death's Whisper. Nick Post, of the Eisner award-winning store, Source Comics and Games in St. Paul, MN says, "Dynamic and Cutting Edge, perfectly relevant for the times. A great addition to the body fiction." Aaron Anderson, owner of The Dreaming Comics and Games in Seattle, WA says, "Tim Erickson is an artist to watch for. With a Raw and Edgy feel, Death's Whisper makes for a strong new entry into contemporary comics. I'm looking forward to seeing more."

Bulletproof Press plans to release Book 2 of the Death's Whisper trilogy Summer 2003, and Book 3, Spring 2004. Also in 2004, a Special Edition of the trilogy will be released in the fall. "We are very excited about the release of Death's Whisper," states Publisher Tom Bednarz. "The release of each book in the trilogy, will provide us with the opportunity to build brand awareness on a consistent basis. Furthermore, this awareness will be the key element in promoting other projects based on characters from the trilogy, under the Death's Whisper brand." Complimenting the graphic novel series is a line of merchandise including Zippo® lighters, barware, t-shirts, posters, buttons and pins, original art work, and the online comic series, Death's Whisper: Prelude.

Death's Whisper, ISBN 0-9724053-0-5, retails for $14.95 and is available at local Minnesota comic shops, direct from Bulletproof Press and for nationwide distribution. For more information about Death's Whisper contact Publisher Tom Bednarz at tbednarz@bppress.com, visit the Bulletproof Press web site at www.bppress.com. or call (763) 274-1801. Contact Death's Whisper Creator Tim Erickson at tre@deathswhisper.com or visit the online world of Death's Whisper at www.deathswhisper.com featuring an exclusive online comic, artwork and more.

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