Bullet to the Head TPB

Story by
Art by
Colin Wilson
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Two cops. Two killers. A political scandal. One beautiful corpse. And a city gripped with fear. Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents Bullet to the Head - a classic crime tale of violence and revenge from writer Matz (Killer) and artist Colin Wilson (Ed Brubaker's Point Blank)!

"Colin Wilson's gritty, razor-sharp art is always a pleasure to behold. This long overdue English translation of Bullet to the Head should introduce his work to a whole new generation of readers - and comes as a welcome treat for us old ones." - Garth Ennis, writer of Preacher, Punisher and The Boys

"Sharp and adult and bracing as a grain alcohol chaser. This is crime fiction for grown-ups." - Charles Ardai, author and founder of Hard Case Crime

"Wilson is a fantastic artist.... He does a great job with different-looking people - everyone is realistic and lived-in, which is tough to do... his layouts are very nice, as he packs the pages with visual information. If you've never seen a Wilson comic, pick this up and check it out!" - comicbookresources.com

"Matz's script really brings you in and moves you along... Wilson's art is clean and sharp, yet gritty enough around the edges for that crime drama feel.

5 stars (out of 5) " - Projectfanboy.com

This is by far my favorite non-Garth Ennis [Dynamite Entertainment] property.... You should pick up a copy at your LCS early."- ifanboy.com

"Colin Wilson's art compliments the story. His pencils are rough and unpolished, capturing the darkness of the plot. He also does a good job of making the crime itself seem...almost mundane. Many of his frames lack a focus point, giving the comic the feel of a Dirty Harry movie."- theouthousers.com

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