Building the Perfect Beast: Designing Dark Horse's 'Project Black Sky' FCBD Cover

Back in December 2013, Dark Horse revealed the covers for its May 3, 2014's Free Comic Book Day offerings. One of those covers is for Project Black Sky featuring Captain Midnight and Brain Boy from cover and interior artist Michael Broussard.

ROBOT 6 coaxed Dark Horse Associate Editor Jim Gibbons into sharing behind the scenes details of how this cover was designed by Broussard.  The graphic below reveals the first four proposed covers that Broussard offered Dark Horse. We'll let Gibbons take over describing the design process from here.

We selected C, as it put some awesome and impending conflict front and center. We also had Michael remove the plane below Captain Midnight to keep the focus of the cover on our three main elements.

Next, Michael showed us some more detailed designs of the elephant, er… gorilla in the room.

And finally, Michael worked his magic and sent us the final cover art...

…which we then adorned in house with the design elements you’ll see on it when you get your copy on May 3—Free Comic Book Day!

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