<i>Buffy's</i> Emma Caulfield Getting Witchy On <i>Once Upon A Time</i>

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans take note, the ninth episode of ABC's new fantasy drama Once Upon a Time will feature the creative endeavors of not one, but two Buffy buddies. According to TVLine, Emma Caulfield, who played-fan favorite Anya on the cult-classic series, will re-team with co-executive producer Jane Espenson, who held the same position on Buffy.

Premiering Oct. 23, Once Upon a Time follows bail-bonds collector Emma Swan, who’s led to a town in Maine where fairy-tale characters have been sentenced to lead an ordinary existence with no memories of their extraordinary natures. The series was created by former Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and also boasts Damon Lindelof as a producer.

The series stars Jennifer Morrison (Warrior) as Emma, Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) as Snow White/Sister Mary Margaret Blanchard, and Joshua Dallas (Thor) as Prince Charming/John Doe, with recurring and guest spots going to True Blood's Kristen Bauer, Lost's Alan Dale, among others. Caulfield will play the blind witch from the Hansel and Gretel story.

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