Hellmemes: 15 Hilarious Buffy Villain Memes

It's hard to believe that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is over 20 years old. If you take the movie into account, than Buffy Summers has been kicking undead butt since 1992. She's become a cultural icon. The show may be long off the air, but the legend of Buffy lives on. The Buffy expanded universe -- titled the Buffyverse -- is massive. Not only did it spawn the equally popular television show Angel, but it's been continued in a number of media including books and several successful comic titles. There's even a whole area of academics dedicated to the study of the Buffyverse titled Buffyology.

As with any other popular media item, Buffy and the rest of her Scooby Gang are not immune to memes. What's remarkable here is that some of the villains from the series are just as popular as the heroes. Angel and Spike both continue to be household names. They've also both become heroes in their own right. Other villains like The Master live fondly in the nostalgic memories of fans. And there are some pretty clever memes floating around the internet at some Buffy villains' expense. Let's take a look at 15 hilarious Buffy villain memes to brighten your day


On the left, you'll see a glowing picture of Cameron Diaz. On the right is one of the *ahem* odder Buffy villains. The two could almost be family. Just look at those perfect cheekbones. Such shine, such tone.

It makes sense that the two would share star qualities. The villain in question is a henchman of the villain Sweet. He showed up in the musical episode of Buffy titled "Once More With Feeling." He turned Sunnydale into one big musical number. He sang and danced with pizzazz, the same way Ms. Diaz has done in films dating all the way back to her debut in The Mask (she didn't actually sing in that film, but she danced up a storm). If you have to be a compared to a Buffy villain, Sweet and his minions are good company.


This episode still gives a lot of people nightmares. Going to the dentist does as well. All things considered, those nightmares are probably pretty similar. Let's take a look at each experience point for point. The Gentlemen came to town and stole the voices from the citizens of Sunnydale. They then floated through the city at night choosing victims. Once chosen, they would hold the person down and surgically remove their heart. What followed was tons of blood.

When you go to the dentist, you lie down in a bizarre chair. Your voice is then essentially taken away. They poke and prod through your mouth and you just have to sit there and take it. Sometimes they have to rip out teeth. What follows is tons of blood.


Watching the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer can be a trying experience for even the most die hard fan. It was fun, but it was nowhere near the show it would become. It was for all intents and purposes still children's television. The villain illustrated that. While The Master got in a few quips, he was pretty much a one note villain. He wanted to rise, take over the world, kill all humans and all that good stuff. For the '90s, he looked pretty scary.

Taking a look back, it's hard to not see the fruit punch smile. Admit it, you can totally picture him saying this. Not that he would make a great party guest or anything. Especially if he was crashing and there wasn't enough fruit punch to go around.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer is no stranger to bizarre villains. Glory takes the cake though. This was the first time Buffy came face to face with a Goddess. This God just so happened to take the form of an extremely narcissistic high society woman.

Glorificus gets a bad rap. She doesn't want to rule the world or anything. She just hates our plane of existence and wants to leave it. Of course, doing that meant ripping a hole in the fabric of reality. But what does she care? She's a Goddess who also shared a body with a dude named Ben, who was a nice guy. He was well on his way to becoming a doctor. Too bad he had an evil monster living inside of him -- that had to be awkward to explain on a third date.


Tom? Tom Riddle? Is that you? OK obviously it's not. But the resemblance is striking. The similarities don't stop with their appearances either. For one thing, they're both pretty racist. Voldemort hates anyone who's not a wizard. The Master hates anyone who's not a vampire.

Their power sets aren't really comparable though. Voldemort would probably wipe the floor with The Master. Sure he was a challenge for Buffy. But she was young and inexperienced. Give her a crack at him now and she probably wouldn't break a sweat. As for Harry Potter, he had to do battle with Dementors when he was 13. If The Master were to attack him, he'd probably just fling the vampire away with a well timed spell. The Master couldn't even kill a teenage girl by sucking her blood. That's the one thing he does.


We all remember Jonathan's brief turn as a villain -- it worked out horribly for him. Andrew, Warren and Jonathan thought they could take over Sunnydale. But while Andrew and Jonathan were merely playing at mischief, Warren took things to a devastating level. It cost poor Jonathan his life.

It was a sad moment. Many forget that Jonathan was getting himself into trouble long before season six. Buffy's been saving Jonathan from himself since high school. This meme comes from that memorable time when Jonathan used a spell to turn himself into the best guy on Earth. Literally, that's what it did. Buffy even turned to him to slay vampires. It was a freaky, unnatural state of things. What we miss most about Jonathan is his heart.


It's ironic including Anya's name in any topic that has to do with romantic advice. She was a vengeance demon and her job was to punish men who had wronged women. Remember when she made Sunnydale Buffyless? The results weren't pretty. She eventually fell in love with Xander, no less. She actually used this line on him. Whether or not it worked because it's actually sexy or because Xander is an idiot is anyone's call.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Xander went full Xander at the last second and got cold feet. So Anya went back to being a vengeance demon. Then she died and Zander lost an eye and basically became Nick Fury. Anyway, great pickup line. You should definitely try it next time you're out.


Joss Whedon is really just the worst. Any time Buffy seemed like she was getting too happy, he made it his mission to beat her down as thoroughly as possible. Granted he created her, but the amount of mental and physical hardship he put this character through is almost perverse.

She's had to kill almost every man she's loved. Sometimes more than once. She lost her mom. She even had to kill herself to save her little sister who wasn't even real. How's that for messed up? As if that wasn't enough, she was ripped out of heaven a year later and had to claw her way out of a coffin. If Joss had put a fraction of the major deaths from Buffy the Vampire Slayer into The Avengers, there'd be a lot less Avengers going into Infinity War.


Some people were into them -- actually, they're still touring. Anyway, they were a pretty big deal in the '0s. If we're being fair, vampires' fashion sense is pretty bad altogether. Some of them have been dead for hundreds and even thousands of years. It's hard to keep up with trends when you've seen so many of them fly by.

And some of them were turned so young that they never really got a sense of how to be scary. That has to be the case with this fellow. He was turned on an evening when he just so happened to be repping his favorite band. That band was Hanson, but even this tasteless vampire is scarier than Edward Cullen -- all the vampires on Buffy are. They snarl and growl and kill without a second thought and they definitely don't sparkle.


Someone probably thought they were being really uplifting with this. Either that or we're dealing quite the troll. As we already mentioned, this episode gives us all nightmares. When The Gentlemen came to Sunnydale, the stole the voices of the entire town. The news called it a flu outbreak and the government quarantined the place -- shows what they know about Hellmouths.

So yes, everyone was quiet for a while. Many were probably forced to face their own thoughts for the first time. It was definitely an eye opening experience for these folks. Maybe they even learned to enjoy the silence a little more and to smile about it. But no one was smiling while their hearts were being cut out by The Gentlemen. Except for The Gentlemen, of course.


Xander was never the brightest bulb. For a while he thought he had a chance with Buffy -- that proved to be inaccurate. He was pretty much the stereotypical teenage boy. Anything and everything turned him on. By his own admission linoleum made him think dirty thoughts. He was so jealous when Buffy accepted a male exchange student into her room. Then when that student turned out to be a girl, his opinion on the matter flipped. The two actually had a thing going or a while.

Karma came back around for him. The girl turned out to be an Inca mummy. She had killed the real exchange student and stolen his identity. The she tried to steal Zander's life force. Xander has pretty bad taste in women. At least she wasn't a preying mantis.


Meeting someone who watches the same shows you watch is always awesome. Meeting someone who's also a Buffy fan is surreal. Spike can tell you that -- he's probably the biggest Buffy fan out there. He may not have liked her initially, but that changed pretty quickly.

Both Buffy and Spike's taste in mates has always been questionable. Spike was madly in love with Drusilla, who was 100% crazy. Then he fell for Buffy, arguably his arch nemesis. Buffy fell for two vampires -- remember, she's a vampire slayer. She had a decent guy once, but she scared him off and he got married. There's something to be said for being flawed. It's a quality that the show celebrates. Finding a fellow Buffy fan is finding a kindred weirdo. Spike approves, and so do we.


If fans remember one thing about Faith, it's her attitude and probably all those times she tried to kill Buffy. But man, that bad attitude. Remember when she took Xander's virginity? She did that without even a first thought. When she stole Buffy's body, the first thing she did was stand in front of a mirror and make fun of her more righteous coworker.

The face she's making in this shot is Faith all over. Maybe you're trying to help her or maybe you're trying to show her how to be nice to people. Whatever it is, she can't believe you just said that. Eliza Dushku did such an awesome job of playing the wild child that Faith become one of the most popular recurring characters in the Buffyverse. So much so that she went on to star in her own comic book series. Everyone loves a bad girl.


Buffy fans are quick to point out the problems in Twilight and hey, don't get us wrong. Twilight has a lot of problems. But the whole human vampire romance thing? They weren't the first ones on that train. Though to be fair, there are some key differences.

For starters, at over 150 years old Angel no longer feels the need to go to high school. Edward Cullen still needs physics class for some reason. Another key difference is that Angel isn't a good vampire by choice. He was perfectly happy torturing everyone he met until a gypsy family put a curse on him. But the young girl falls for dark creature of the night trope is exactly the same in both scenarios. Except that Bella is a helpless little girl. Buffy will kick your butt before you even have time to utter the words 'little girl.'


Want to make a Buffy fan cry? Just remind them that Buffy and Angel will never be together. What started as an innocent TV flirtation became one of the most tragic love stories of all time. Buffy, the naive teenage girl who falls for the thing she must kill. Angel, the cursed demon who can never escape the guilt of his horrible actions.

It's pretty cheesy. But hey, it's timeless and it was a ship that fans were shipping before shipping was even a thing. And why shouldn't Buffy have a little romance in her life? Joss Whedon is the worst, that's why. And let's be honest, having Angel become the main antagonist in season two made for great television. The love between Angel and Buffy may have been destined to fail, but they've had at least two more tries since this. So no harm, no foul (except Jenny Calendar).

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