INTERVIEW: Joss Whedon Teases Buffy's Surprising End & Dr. Horrible's Return

I know each medium has its own strengths, but is it difficult with this one because you just can't have music and singing in a comic book?

The music thing is one where I've always wanted to do a comic that links to a site where you can download a song we recorded. But they were like, "Joss, you can't get through a script, so..." But we do still have that element of anything can happen. We can break the fourth wall. You still want more, but I do really like how the franchise lends itself, particularly in comic books, to things like the Brian Michael Bendis 47-balloon panel. And obviously, budget is not considered an issue. So you want all the elements, and at some point you may get all the elements. But for now, I hear Nathan, and I hear Neil. It's very easy to get those people back in my head. I don't really miss the things I don't have while I'm enjoying the things that I do have.

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Looking at Buffy, aside from the movements made by the corporations holding the strings, you've announced this series as the last "season." The finale of the TV series had a thematic ending, but it left the door open to new areas of story. Are you looking at the last comic differently?

Similar to the show, we're not going to close it all off in the sense of "Everybody's dead!" Though we did think about doing that. [Laughter] But when I sat with Chris Gage, it was with the intent that after everything we've been through we wanted to have something to say that mirrors and rounds off where we started this comic [run]. And then they said, "You have four issues," and it was like "Ohhhh. That's all the time we have."

So we dealt with a lot of things in small panels, and I don't know if I fit it all in, but it was very important to try. We made sure that the journey wasn't continuing. We wanted to give the Dark Horse era some closure. What they've done over the years with Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn, and everyone there has put their souls into this. The artists like Georges [Jeanty] and everyone were such a perfect match. It's been a great combination, so it couldn't just end.

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