Buffy Heads Back to Class in Dark Horse's "High School Years - Glutton for Punishment" One-Shot

Dark Horse Comics has announced a new one-shot set during Season 1 of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," titled "Buffy: The High School Years -- Glutton for Punishment."

Kel McDonald ("Angel & Faith: Season 10") is writing the latest installment of the young adult series with Yishan Li ("Convergence: Blue Beetle") on art duties. Creator Joss Whedon ("The Avengers") is continuing his role on the series as executive producer.

The one-shot follows June's "Buffy: The High School Years -- Freaks and Geeks" issue, which was also illustrated by Yishan Li.

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Here's the description of the "Glutton for Punishment" story, from an official press release: "When Buffy and Xander sign up for home ec, assuming it will be an extra-credit cakewalk, they aren't aware that the teacher is a ravenous tiger demon in disguise. The demon's unquenchable appetite has him kidnapping his top students and forcing them to cook for him, and when Xander claims some store-bought treats are his own creations, he becomes the demon's next victim! It's not enough that Buffy has to keep her grades up, but she also has to rescue her friends and fellow students-and give the tiger demon his just desserts!"

"Buffy: The High School Years -- Glutton for Punishment" -- currently available for pre-order at Amazon -- hits stands on October 19.

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