Slay, Soul Sister: The 15 Most Hilarious Buffy And Faith Scenes

When Buffy Summers was introduced in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we were told that she was the Chosen One. In fact, the opening of the first two seasons even specifically said, "In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer." The problem, though, was what happened when Buffy briefly died in Season 1? She was brought back to life through CPR, but the moment she "died," a new Chosen One was, well, chosen. Kendra aided Buffy and her friends until she, too, was killed in battle. It took a while before we met the second "Chosen One," Faith Lehane.

Faith was a troubled young woman and soon, her rough and tumble ways led to her being seduced to the dark side and she became one of Buffy's greatest enemies. Faith had a real way of getting under Buffy's skin (eventually she did so literally). Over time, they grew to work together as allies once more, but the ride led to a whole lot of great moments that pitted the two against each other. We will show that journey through a series of Faith vs. Buffy internet memes.


When Faith first came into Buffy's life, Buffy didn't quite know what to do with her. She was a Slayer like her, but while Kendra had surprised Buffy by being exceptionally well-trained, Faith surprised her by being barely trained at all. Faith was all about getting down and dirty and that wasn't the way Buffy lived her life. However, she couldn't deny that they were was something attractive about Faith's take on things.

So for a time, she embraced Faith's way of doing things, which also involved partying a lot. This dance sequence launched a thousand gifs and even later inspired a scene in X-Men Evolution, where Kitty and Rogue dance together exactly like this when Kitty is trying to get Rogue to loosen up just like Faith tried to loosen Buffy up.


The Buffy/Faith relationship first came to a break when Faith's loose ways of handling things turned deadly when she and Buffy came across Deputy Mayor Allan Finch, who had been on his way to warn the Scooby Gang (the nickname for Buffy's group of friends who helped her on her Slayer missions) of the nefarious plans of the Mayor. Faith accidentally stabbed him with a stake, thinking he was a vampire.

He was not a vampire, but as it turns out, getting stabbed in the heart is just as fatal to humans as it is to vampires. Faith and Buffy had a major conflict, as Faith felt that one mistake should not cancel out the good that they have done, while Buffy believed in a more black and white view of morality.


Buffy told Faith that they had to tell Giles (Buffy's Watcher) the truth about what happened with the Deputy Mayor, while Faith disagreed. They then discussed the Mayor, who was such a seemingly bland guy that Buffy had a hard time seeing him as being the "Big Bad," but Faith told her that people don't always show you the truth of who they are.

This, of course, was in a way a warning from Faith to Buffy, as Buffy still saw Faith as a mostly rational person an. When Buffy continued with her plan to tell Giles what happened, she saw how Faith's true face was a whole lot different (when Faith tried to blame Buffy for the killing). Faith then split with the Scoobies and went off on her own.


Faith was alone and highly unhinged, especially when Faith's new Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, showed up to arrest her on behalf of the Watchers Council. So the only real authority figures that Faith ever knew had turned on her, as had the one person she felt could understand her, her fellow "Chosen One," Buffy Summers. This madeFaith easy prey for a new father figure, the Mayor himself, who promised Faith a place at his side.

The Mayor then helped Faith use a spell to get Angel come over to her side. She then tricked Buffy into coming alone. She captured her and taunted her along with Angel, who was now in his evil Angelus persona. Buffy, though, just berated Faith and called her a loser, noting that Angel would never touch her if it weren't for magic.


As Faith continued to taunt Buffy, Buffy asked her (while also getting Faith to spill about the Mayor's plans, Bond-villain style) how Faith was able to hide her damaged psyche so well from everyone. Faith explained that she's just the world's best actor. "Angelus," though, quickly corrected her, noting that she was "second best," as he had never turned evil. He and Buffy were just going along with her plan to get as much information as they could from her.

Buffy then said that she only wanted to say one thing, which was "Psych," as Buffy easily broke the chains that Faith and "Angelus" had tied her up in. As you might imagine, Faith did not take this change of circumstances very well at all.


An interesting aspect of Faith and Buffy's relationship, which is clearly present in the dance sequence shown above, is that there was always a great deal of tension between the two erstwhile Slayers. In general, many of the characters in the Buffy universe tended to be a bit fluid with their sexuality. After all, eventually, in the follow-up comic book series to the Buffy TV series, Buffy had a relationship with another woman.

That tension was evident when Buffy broke free of the chains and then held a knife to Faith's throat while Faith held a knife to Buffy's. Faith taunted her again, noting that Buffy wasn't ready to kill her. She then kissed Buffy's forehead and then escaped. Faith was right, Buffy was not ready... yet.


Things changed when the Mayor came up with a plan to get Angel out of the way. He had Faith shoot Angel with an arrow that was laced with a special poison that could kill vampires. The only way for the poisoned vampire to live was to feed off of the blood of a Slayer. Buffy thought that it only made sense for Faith to be the one to save Angel's life by having him feed on her.

So Buffy hunted Faith down and they had another fight. This time, Buffy did not hesitate when it came time to stab Faith. She stabbed her right in the gut. Faith, used Buffy's shock over her own actions as a distraction. Faith jumped from a window and landed on a passing truck. Of course, "escape" in this instance did not mean a whole lot when she was bleeding from a gut wound.


Faith's wound turned out to not be fatal. However, it still ended up putting her into a coma for many months. When she finally gained consciousness, she realized just how meaningless her efforts with the Mayor were as everything just passed her by. She noted, "I know what it's like. You think you matter, you think you're a part of something, and you get dumped. It's like the world's still moving, but you're stuck. Like those animals in the tar pits. You're sinking a little deeper every day, and nobody even sees!"

She then hunted down Buffy at the UC Sunnydale college campus and basically challenged her to a rematch of their last fight, the one that ended with Buffy's knife plunged into Faith's gut. Only this time, Faith figured that she would end up on top.


Really, what drove Faith nuts was the concept of how everything was wasted. She turned her back on the side of  good because she saw the Mayor's Ascension as an inevitable reality that she might as well use to be on the winning side for a change. Plus, of course, there was the whole "treating her like a daughter" aspect of things. So the fact that he was defeated was a real shock to her system.

Even more so, though, was the fact that Buffy and Angel had since broken up (due to Angel getting his own spin-off TV series). So Faith's mentor was dead and the woman who tried to kill her to save her true love... then broke up with that "true love!" The whole thing was just so... disappointing.


As it turned out, the Mayor had a bit more true affection for Faith than you might expect for such a demonic fellow, so he actually left her a bit of an inheritance in the case that he died before successfully pulling off his Ascension. Her inheritance was a magical device that could be used to switch bodies with someone.

Naturally, Faith planned to switch bodies with Buffy. So she headed for Buffy's home and she ended up taking Buffy's mother, Joyce, hostage. Joyce was strong enough to tell Faith how she really felt about her. Faith gets back at her by noting how much of Buffy's mail had piled up at Joyce's house, showing that it had been a while since Buffy visited her mom. She questioned whether Buffy would even show up to save her (on cue, Buffy burst through a window to save her mom).


After a massive fight that carried on throughout the Summers' house, with Buffy about to win, Faith whipped out her magical device and switched bodies with Buffy. As the police carried Buffy (in Faith's body) away, Faith (in Buffy's body) was embraced by Joyce. Faith did not understand how to react to such an emotional expression of motherly love.

She then took a shower and practiced being Buffy. This was a hilarious sequence where Faith, in effect, mocks Buffy by trying to be her. She says all of the phrases she associates with Buffy, like "That's wrong" and "Killing is wrong." She soon heads off to party in her new body (she proceeds to royally screw up Buffy's social life, including her relationship with her current boyfriend, Riley).


self-hate buffy

As you might imagine, Buffy (in Faith's body) soon escaped custody and began hunting down Faith (in Buffy's body) to switch their bodies back. Buffy managed to track Faith down due to Faith surprisingly being willing to continue Buffy's mission of being a Slayer by rescuing some innocents from vampires.

When she was confronted by Buffy in her old body, it was an interesting experience for Faith because Faith clearly was suffering with some major self-esteem issues, and thus being confronted by her own body was, in a way, perhaps the best therapy that she could ever receive. She assaulted Buffy, but in reality, she was assaulting herself. She even began berating herself while attacking her old body. Willow and Tara managed to reverse the body swap and Faith left town.


Faith ended up in Los Angeles, where her slow path to redemption began. She had a strange start to her path, as she was first hired by Wolfram and Hart to kill Angel. She captured her old Watcher, Wesley, and tortured him. As it turned out, she was doing this all so that Angel would kill her, as she felt that she needed to die.

Angel, however, convinced her to seek redemption instead. She voluntarily surrendered herself to the police for her past crimes and was sent to prison. Wesley, though, broke her out of prison when he needed someone to kill Angel (who had turned into Angelus again). After she helped them save Angel, instead, she headed to Sunnydale where she came to help out Buffy and the gang (not before first throwing punches in a mistaken identity fight).


Faith's reunion with Buffy and the gang happened when Buffy was dealing with The First Evil, a powerful being who could take the form of anyone who has died (meaning that it often could take the form of Buffy herself, which confused a lot of people). The First Evil was having its minions kill off the young women who were "Potentials," that is, women who could potentially become the next Slayer should Faith be killed.

With the Potentials dead, the Slayer line could end. So Buffy had to collect the Potentials to protect them. Interestingly, though, for a time Buffy actually surrendered her leadership of the group to Faith. Buffy believed that in the coming battle, someone who was willing to get "down and dirty" like Faith was what the Potentials needed, not Buffy. Of course, Buffy first got in some digs on Faith, as was their relationship.


Even though Faith was now working with the good guys, it did not mean that all was forgiven. Buffy still certainly recalled the fact that Faith had done some evil things in the past. She also continued her and Faith's habit of snapping at each other. When Faith's tenure as General almost got herself and a bunch of the Potentials killed, Buffy returned and took over control of the group.

The Potentials then shunned Faith, but Buffy told them not to. Buffy and Faith finally buried the hatchet once and for all, with Faith reflecting on whether their shared status as the "Chosen One" was why they couldn't get along. Buffy then decided to share the "Chosen" power with all of the Potentials, choosing to no longer let some ancient power decide who got chosen -- they took control of their own destiny.

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