Buddy Scalera goes Ape with "Darwin's Island"

Official Press Release

[Darwin's Island]San Diego, CA, 06-02-04 - Independent publisher Ape Entertainment is proud to announce plans to release Darwin's Island, a new graphic novel written by comics professional Buddy Scalera, creator of the Visual Reference for the Comic Book Artist CD-ROMs and writer for Marvel Comics' Deadpool and X-Men Unlimited. This marks the second time Scalera has brought his amazing talents to Ape Entertainment (he first wrote the introduction for Ape's Atomic Age Treasury of Pulp Action, released in March of 2004).

An intriguing tale of murder and mystery, Darwin's Island follows the filming of a reality TV series about a group of archeologists on a remote tropical island, but-unknown to the cast and crew-a serial killer is in their midst! Getting off the island alive will be the ultimate trial in survival. Darwin's Island is a 64-page graphic novel written by Scalera with interior art by G. Gerald Garcia and a cover by Alan Evans.

"I'm really excited to be contributing to Ape Entertainment," says Scalera. "The team there has some truly innovative marketing ideas that will help extend comic book entertainment to the wider market."

The Darwin's Island graphic novel is part of a push by Ape Entertainment to publish graphic novels with an attractive shelf life into bookstores and comic specialty shops.

"We're thrilled to have Buddy and Gerald onboard with Darwin's Island," says Brent E. Erwin, a co-founder of Ape Entertainment. "The story is insightful, compelling, and smart. There are twists that will keep you guessing right up to the climax."

Founded in 2003, Ape Entertainment is the brainchild of comics devotees Erwin, David Hedgecock, and Mike Hall. Ape Entertainment is devoted to the production of high-quality original graphic novels, role-playing games, and illustrated fiction.

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