Bucky O'Hare Returns With New Action Figure Line


"Bucky O'Hare" is back. After over twenty years out of the spotlight, the starhopping green rabbit and his gang of anthropomorphic freedom fighters are making a comeback in the form of a new action figure line from Boss Fight Studios. Announced via Boss Fight Studios' Facebook page, the toy company will be producing highly-articulated collectible figures of the S.P.A.C.E. heroes and their toad allies in a 4" scale.

In the comments section, Boss Fight Studios says that they've had their eye on the "Bucky O'Hare" license for a long time. They also note that the figures will be available through their online store, which ships worldwide and to other outlets.

Created by Larry Hama and Michael Golden, Bucky O'Hare tells the tale of the United Animals Federation's ongoing war against the oppressive Toad Empire. At the forefront of the battle is Bucky O'Hare, captain of the spaceship The Righteous Indignation. His crew consisted of first mate Jenny, an anthropomorphic cat with psychic abilities; Willy DuWitt, a preteen human and engineering whiz; Deadeye Duck, a four-armed duck and violent ex-pirate; the android Blinky; and the battling baboon Bruiser.

The characters originally debuted in 1984's "Echo of Futurepast" #1, published by Continuity Comics. The hero's initial six-part storyline would run through the first issues of that indie series, concluding in mid 1985. The character then return in a big way in the early '90s. An animated series called "Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars" debuted in fall 1991 and ran for one 13-episode season. But that one season was enough to launch a memorable toy line featuring characters from the series. Like the show, the toy line was also canceled after releasing just one wave of figures. Two more waves of figures were planned, and some even made it to the prototype stage, but were never released. The series is also notable for producing a Nintendo game in 1992.

No release date for the figures has been given. For more information, keep an eye on Boss Fight Studios' Facebook page and CBR. To hold you over until then, just watch the intro of the "Bucky O'Hare" cartoon on a loop.

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