If (Or When) Bucky Becomes Captain America, His Take Will Be Much Darker

Actor Sebastian Stan recently shared what he thinks about Bucky Barnes picking up the mantle and shield of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Over the course of decades, multiple comic book iterations and films, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes' relationship has truly withstood the full force of what the universe has to throw at them. But although it feels as if Steve Rogers' time as Captain America is now winding down, Bucky Barnes' arc seems to be ramping up.

In an appearance on BUILD Series' YouTube show, Stan, along with Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo, talked about the movie and the bold story choices it made. During the Q&A portion, a fan asked Stan his option on taking over as Captain America, if Steve Rogers dies in next year's Avengers 4.

"I mean look, you know it would have to be a very different, you know, quote Captain America. It just wouldn’t be the same," Stan said.

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He continued, "It would be interesting...in the comic books it was always interesting because there’s an emotional turmoil, there was a guilt there that was driving for me, a character, because, because it’s Steve’s absence, you know, it sort of felt like the guy had to once again carry on this you know vision that his best friend had for years and what he stood for, and that struggle you know have that kinda coming into conflict with someone who’s still grappling with their own past and what you know is the right thing to do now and if you have a character who’s always searching and forgetting an identity and finally gets an identity only to have to lose it again to an idea, then it makes it for the complex take on it, you know what I mean."

Stan concluded, "So if they ever were to explore that it would be a very different, definitely way darker take on the situation you know."

Anyone who's read the original Marvel Comics knows that Bucky became Captain America in the wake of Rogers' "death" post-Civil War, but it's still not clear whether Marvel Studios will be handing the shield over to anyone else, such as Stan, in the near future. But, out of all the characters, Bucky would be a natural choice to take up the title, given his history with Steve and the trajectory of his heroic arc in the MCU.

However, as Bucky has discarded the title of the Winter Soldier and become the White Wolf, his character may be headed in another direction, possibly not becoming Captain America at all. No matter what the next movie holds for Bucky Barnes, there are a lot of potential stories which open up a range of interesting narratives in Phase 4 of the film franchises and even further into the MCU's future.

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