Shots Fired: 15 BTS Feuds That Almost Ended Blockbuster Franchises

Though many superhero and blockbuster franchises are about the bravery and camaraderie of a team of individuals working together to face adversity, a lot of resentment and hostility builds up behind the scenes. This is due to a variety of reasons, from personality clashes and raging egos, to differences of creative opinion and rash judgments of character. While most of the animosity is contained to the sets and resolved once the films are wrapped, occasionally it spills over into the promotional circuit.

When actors and directors get interviewed about their experiences working together making these films, they don’t hold their true feelings back. Sometimes this negatively affects their movie or franchise, and sometimes it’s a marketing miracle in disguise. While dishing on their coworkers is mostly confined to television, print, and web copy, occasionally cast members jump onto social media to vent and that’s where the real fun begins. CBR has rounded up every sort of feud, from the kind that are resolved on set, to the kind that make actors never want to work with certain directors again, to cast members that let the feud fester for decades, despite the fact that they have to run into each other at conventions all the time.


Much like the opinions surrounding the movies he makes, Jim Carrey has a personality that some people love and others can’t stand. When he starred in Batman Forever with Tommy Lee Jones, he was part of a large ensemble cast of stars with big names and big egos. Jones apparently took an instant dislike to Carrey, and claimed he constantly ad-libbed his lines, resulting in dozens of takes being needed, and long shooting schedules surrounding Carrey’s quirky style of acting.

To be fair, Jones was the one spending all his time in the makeup-heavy role of Two-Face, which was no doubt uncomfortable, and took time to apply and remove. He probably wasn’t down for a lot of theatrics and time wasting. He also isn’t known for his comedy acting, so it could have been a clash of personalities. He refused to speak to Carrey outside of scenes they filmed together.



The animosity between Superman and Batman on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice turns out to be based in reality. It may have begun when both actors started to get into superhero shape for the film, and the tabloids were buzzing with breaking news every time one of them gained a pound of muscle. Cavill stated in a televised interview that it wasn’t “hard to hate Ben Affleck” as Batman, but didn’t elaborate.

When they started to film interviews together after the film was release, Affleck was notably downcast, especially when they were asked to discuss the poor reception of the film. While Cavill spoke at length, Affleck stared at the floor. This inspired a video edit of a Simon and Garfunkel track being laid over the shot. After it went viral, he promptly declared he was never doing interviews with Cavill again.


Jared Leto took getting into character as The Joker very seriously. He sent co-stars Margot Robbie and Will Smith everything from dead rats, to porno mags, to bullets, replicating the maniacal antics of the Clown Prince. He also never got out of character between takes, and if he met anyone on the set, regardless of if they had a scene together or not, he introduced himself as The Joker.

Viola Davis wasn’t having any of that. She kept pepper spray in her purse at all times and said if she ever felt truly in danger, she’d sick her towering ex-football playing husband on “The Joker”. Besides, to truly get into character, he’d have to release a deadly poison into a major city’s water supply. Then maybe he’d get a second Oscar.



Much has been made of the tensions that existed between Terrence Howard and Robert Downey Jr, his costar in the first Iron Man movie. At the time the movie was made, Howard claimed he helped get Downey Jr. the job, and was paid more than him. He also claimed that he agreed to make the film because he would get even more for appearing in the sequel if it was greenlit. When Marvel reneged on this deal, Howard felt he was getting short chained on their contract.

When he appealed to Downey Jr. for some backup, he found that there would be no quid pro quo. Marvel Studios then promptly cast Don Cheadle, who was up for taking Howard’s place and eventually becoming War Machine. Howard held a grudge against Downey Jr. for a decade until quite recently when they patched things up.


Much has been made of the feud between Wesley Snipes and basically everyone on the set of Blade: Trinity. From Snipes' diva behavior of remaining in his trailer for days on end and refusing to exit it except for close-ups, to his allegations of director David Goyer being a racist, the set was hostile.

In regards to the racism allegations, it arose from a scene in which extras could pick their own clothes, and a black youth selected a shirt that said “garbage”, which Snipes thought Goyer had selected for him on purpose. He chose to only communicate with Goyer via Post-It notes for the rest of the shoot, and before filming wrapped, had already tried to strangle him. Whenever the topic comes up, neither of them have any favorable words for each other.



Despite being part of a fictitious crew of intrepid space explorers who have long since eschewed intolerance on the popular original ‘60s Star Trek, George Takei (Sulu) and William Shatner (Captain Kirk) have feuded on the bridge of the Enterprise and the decades since. Takei claims that Shatner would ignore him on set and pretend he didn’t know who he was, coldly brushing him off when he attempted to communicate.

Takei tried to call Shatner out on his self absorbed behavior many times, especially when he endeavored to steal the best scenes for himself and make each episode more and more about Kirk. Luckily, social media exists, and we can all witness this glorious feud continue for ourselves in real time. The two have never buried the phaser to this day.


Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 have been insanely popular contributions to the MCU, in big part due to the direction of James Gunn. A big comic book fan, he was able to transform a somewhat obscure storyline about a group of intergalactic misfits (which included a tree person and talking raccoon, after all) into a mainstream blockbuster.

Jodie Foster, a director in her own right, whose career has moved more behind the camera than in front these days, recently criticized comic book movies for being poorly written, trivial, overstuffed messes that only appeal to the lowest common denominator. It was only appropriate that Gunn be the one to jump to the defense of the genre, and serve Foster a healthy portion of what she’d dished out.



While many MCU and DC fans would assume that the feud between these two superhero actors began as a result of the movies they starred in, their comic book universe allegiance has nothing to do with it. It actually revolves around Ben Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner. Mark Ruffalo starred in the movie 13 Going on 30 with Garner which was a popular comedy for both stars, and Ruffalo spoke very highly of the friendship he maintained with Garner both during the making of the film and after it wrapped.

He took issue with Affleck when his presence truncated his friendship with Garner. Affleck had an issue with her being so close to the future Avenger. Ruffalo tried to work around Affleck’s blockade but that only caused tensions. He looks forward to being friends with her again now that she’s since split with the current Batman.


Trouble began when Russell Crowe called out a number of A list actors for being sellouts. George Clooney made the list having, along with Robert De Niro and Harrison Ford, lent his talents to commercials. Crowe stated real actors didn’t compromise their craft in that way and misuse their celebrity. Clooney fired back with saying that the only misuse of celebrity was lending their status to a rock band (of which Crowe is a member).

This launched Crowe into calling Clooney a “Frank Sinatra wannabe”, and Clooney sending him a cease and desist note, closing with the only people that win in celebrity feuds are People Magazine. This seemed to quell Crowe’s ire, because he sent Clooney a book of poems and a demo CD from his band as an apology.

6 R2-D2 VS C-3PO


One of the most recognizable duos in cinema history is not the pair of bionic buddies they appear to be on-screen. It all began in 2005 when, during an interview, Kenny Baker (R2-D2) stated that Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) was rude to the rest of the cast and thought he was above them, refusing to socialize with them outside of work and even chastising Baker for a simple greeting that apparently “interrupted his conversation”. Baker went on to refer to Daniels as “his lordship with the golden balls”.

Daniels continued to dismiss Baker when he inquired about making appearances at conventions with him, Daniels at one point telling the “little man” to “go away”. He even went so far as to say that Baker never contributed any talent to his role, and that his name in the credits was a “courtesy” because R2 “might as well have been a bucket”.


As Pepper Potts and Sue Storm, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba were some of the women laying the groundwork for what would later be known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Outside of their film careers, they both founded lifestyle brands and collaborate on the television show Planet of the Apps. Paltrow’s brand Goop focuses on health and wellness, and Alba’s brand The Honest Company focuses on non-toxic household products.

While filming the show, the two butted heads routinely behind the scenes about not only the content of the program, but also their respective brands. Alba’s brand has recently been sued for some of their ingredients, and Goop has reviewed the products with a “C” grade, causing Paltrow to declare her brand the more “ethical” of the two. Alba claims Paltrow’s brand only caters to wealthy socialites, not real people.



Shia “The Beef” LaBeouf and Tom “Venom” Hardy once released a movie called Lawless together, in which the two men played bootlegging brothers trying to run a distillery in the Prohibition Era. On-set clashes between the two stars got so heated that words nearly turned to blows.

Shia LaBeouf has gone on to say he respects Hardy and his acting style a great deal, but he admitted that at the time, he was impatient with how many takes it would take to get their scenes perfect. As the more seasoned actor, Hardy felt he could take more liberties with his character and do more experimenting. LaBeouf accused him of taking himself too seriously. The argument almost came to blows and the two had to be restrained.


Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell are both known for being garbage people when it comes to displaying courtesy and respect. Both have had their faces splashed around tabloids for getting drunkenly kicked out of bars and treating other humans as mere plebs. When they paired for Miami Vice, the behind the scenes feud was more entertaining than the finished product.

It began when Foxx rolled up to the set with an entourage, demanding higher pay than Farrell. He got a private jet to the sets in Santo Domingo, where an incident involving the private security force hired to protect the cast and local police caused him to fly right home and declare he wouldn’t be filming outside the US. This ensured a less than climactic finale to the film than the original exotic location. Farrell was having none of it and continuously called him out on his demands.



Though he cast her in two of his biggest franchises, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michael Bay and Megan Fox have had a rocky professional history. It started with the fact that Fox was plucked from relative obscurity and then instructed by Bay to appear in a way that was lascivious and “appealing to 16-year old boys”, according to co-star Shia LaBeouf in an interview with Metro UK.

She accused Bay of having a “Napoleon Complex” and being a tyrant on set, only interested in objectifying the women in his movies. It was here comparing him to Hitler that got her fired at the urgings of producer Steven Spielberg. It tooks years before she would reunite with Bay to make another film, in which she wore significantly more articles of clothing.


As the Fast and the Furious 8 was being filmed, a feud between three men was set in motion that would threaten to overshadow the entire franchise. It began with Dwayne Johnson venting frustrations on Instagram about his male co-stars on the set, calling them unprofessional “candy a**es”. It continued with co-star Tyrese Gibson chiming in on Instagram to clear his name, leaving speculation it was Diesel whom Dwayne was referring to.

After the film wrapped, Gibson shared a lengthy Instagram post declaring that if The Rock was in Fast 9, he wouldn’t be, because The Rock had decided to do a solo film featuring the character he played in the Fast franchise, and Gibson thought that was selfish. It was Diesel who came to The Rock’s defense, saying that whatever their past beef had been on set, he approved of expanding the universe.


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