Battlestar Galactica Meets Battlestar Galactica in BSG vs. BSG Comic

Dynamite Entertainment has announced a brand-new miniseries from writer Peter David that will bring together the continuities of both the classic 1978 and reimagined 2003 Battlestar Galactica series, titled BSG vs. BSG.

"A crossover between the two versions of BSG is an idea that's been pursed several times before (and no wonder! How could you not want to see this happen?), but never came together for various reasons," Senior Editor Matt Idelson said in a statement. "I'm lucky to get to be a part of this adventure, and to work with a writer whose work I've admired since before I was in the business. In addition to the wonderful sense of mystery and awe that Peter's bringing to the story, the level of humanity as the two crews meet is wonderful. I can't wait for folks to see this book."

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The miniseries, which Dynamite describe as "nearly 35 years in the making," will see the two respective crews come face to face after the discovery of Kali, the last of reptilian race responsible for creating the Cylons. It will include such fan favorite characters as Commander Adama, Apollo and Starbuck from the original series, as well as Admiral William Adama from the 2003-2009 version.

"With all deference to Star Trek, Firefly... hell, even Space Cases... I firmly believe the recent Battlestar Galactica series is the best SF series ever," David said in a statement. "And in reviewing the original series for the first time in decades, I was amazed at how it held up far better than I ever could have believed. Forty years away from it being dismissed as a Star Wars rip-off, the first BSG had a style, story, and characters all its own and deserved far more than the truncated run it received. So I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this truly historic meeting, which was indeed set up in the new series: All of this has happened before, and it will happen again."

Dynamite has been publishing titles based on Battlestar Galactica since 2006, with series that have reflected each incarnation of the franchise. However, BSG vs. BSG will be the first time the crews from two respective iterations of BSG encounter one another.

BSG vs. BSG will be written by Peter David, though the art team and release date have yet to be revealed.

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