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Bryce Dallas Howard Loves Being ‘Jurassic World’s’ Flawed Hero

by  in Movie News Comment
Bryce Dallas Howard Loves Being ‘Jurassic World’s’ Flawed Hero

As one of the stars of this summer’s biggest blockbuster, “Jurassic World,” Bryce Dallas Howard has a lot to celebrate.

There’s the staggering $1.6 billion box office, of course, but also that her character Claire Dearing emerged as the real hero, supplying the film’s emotional beats. And there’s still more of her story to tell in the sequel.

Speaking with SPINOFF ahead of “Jurassic World’s” Tuesday debut on Blu-ray, Howard said she’s especially pleased that – no matter what their reaction – everyone noticed just how hard she worked to perfect running through the jungle in high heels.

Spinoff Online: You’ve been in big franchise films before, with roles in “Twilight” and Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3.” Was there something different about this one when it hit so big this summer?

Bryce Dallas Howard: Yeah, I hadn’t been a lead in a franchise previously. With “Jurassic World,” there’s something a little unique about it because it’s not a remake, but it’s not kind of a straight-up sequel in a way that you would think of a sequel, where it comes a few years after the first film or second film or whatever. So it was sort of like the franchise was getting rebooted in a way, but it was acknowledging the previous films as a sequel would. So it felt like a very original experience in many ways.

And that was another thing I hadn’t in previous franchises I’d been in: usually it was the third film, and in one case, the fourth film, so it did feel very different. And it felt all the more exciting when it came out, and it did so exceptionally well.

And I just had the best experience doing it with Colin [Trevorrow], and with Chris [Pratt]. Colin in so many ways was just such an underdog, and it was such a huge coup that he even did the film and that it did so well. And it’s launched his career, which is so well deserved. I mean, it felt very personal and very personally meaningful. And there’s going to be another!

We’ve heard there’s going to be as many as two more. What are you looking forward to doing with her?

I think that the character has really gone through a huge process of self-discovery in that she had assumptions about these animals and felt that it was appropriate to kind of look at them as if they were more possessions rather than alive animals. And that, obviously, has completely changed, and the park has been absolutely destroyed and lives were lost. And I would imagine that she would be going through … that that would have a very emotional aftermath.

And there are consequences that come with the actions that happened in the original story, and I’m sure she’s probably going to have to face those – either externally or internally. Her character really becomes a human. She becomes an animal through this, as opposed to this sterile creature you meet in the beginning. And I think that in the next iteration of this story, she’s the woman that we left, you’ll meet in the beginning. And it will evolve from there.

Did you have any preparation for how much people were going to talk about the whole running-in-high-heels thing?

Oh, my gosh, no, no! Although it was challenging running in heels. And I really loved that it was being acknowledged, because sometimes there are things that are physically difficult or whatever but just part of making the movie. And if too much attention is called to it, it’s like, “Oh, man – maybe I did something wrong because they’re paying attention to the thing that they really shouldn’t be paying attention to. But in this case, I loved it because I was like, yeah, damn right I ran in heels!

Yeah, that was tricky. That was very tricky [laughs]. So that was part the kind of fun side of that conversation always made me giggle. And then kind of the more substantive side of that topic was also, I think, really important and meaningful and talking about female characters in big action-adventure films. I mean, this is something that I’m so happy about, that there’s a heightened sensitivity to that and awareness of that. Because that was something that was just always assumed: that a female character is just going to sort of help facilitate the male lead and push the plot along. And that is not at all what this character was.

And that was what Colin intended from the beginning. I mean, when he first told me about the movie, he was like, “She’s the lead.” And I was like, “Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.” He was like, “No, no, no. She’s the lead. She’s the one that changes. She’s the one who you meet in the beginning, and you are with at the end.” And then when I read the film, I was like, “Holy crap, he’s doing it. He’s really, really doing it!”

And then for that to also be acknowledged, and at first questioned, and then revealed that, oh, in fact, this character is a central character, and does go through huge change. And she is flawed, and she has all the attributes that typically a male character in one of these movies would have. And she is the hero at the end, and that’s awesome.

And now you can text Colin and ask “Anything in ‘Star Wars’ for me?”

You think I haven’t done that already? I’m playing a character right now in a movie called “Gold,” and it takes place in the late 1980s. And so I look appropriate to the 1980s, which is very different than how I looked in “Jurassic World.” And I was like, “Care to put this chick in ‘Star Wars’?” And he was like, “She’ll bring balance to the Force.” And I was like, “Yeah, she will!” So I’m just going to try to weasel my way into every movie he does.

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