Bryan Singer Sets Off 'World War III' for Spike TV

Spike TV announced today that it will team with director/producer Bryan Singer to develop “World War III,” a new scripted drama series, Variety reports.

Set in America's Heartland, "World War III" follows one man whose troubled past will spark a Resistance movement, enlisting everyday citizens to rise up and become the heroes of the next world war. When the delicate geopolitical balance is thrown off, a worldwide conflict ignites and the Heartland becomes occupied territory.

Created and written by the Benay Brothers, the series will be produced by Aaron Benay, Matthew Benay and Bad Hat Harry. Bryan Singer will executive produce.

"World War III" is one of several series announced by Spike TV. The network will also develop four other scripted series, including "Bad Medicine," a psychological horror series; "Hummel & Howe," a 19th century period drama; "Mr. In Between," based on a story by novelist Walter Mosley; and "Secret America," a political thriller.

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