Bryan Lee O'Malley, Leslie Hung Introduce "Snotgirl" To Image Comics

In the closing moments of this year's Image Expo, "Scott Pilgrim" creator Bryan Lee O'Malley and artist Leslie Hung briefly took to the stage to announce that they are working on a series called "Snotgirl" for Image Comics. While not much was said about the series during the presentation, USA Today has a rundown of what the series will entail.

Described as a "dark comedy centered in the world of fashion blogging," "Snotgirl" will feature O'Malley's debut as the writer of a monthly comic book series, following a career working mostly in graphic novels. Series protagonist Lottie is described as a "dynamic" blogger who has a "flawless and fun" online persona that is the polar opposite of her day to day life.

"She's this beautiful girl who might turn into a snotty mess at any moment," said O'Malley. When the series starts, Lottie will have just been dumped and will find herself on the outs with her fellow bloggers. "We started calling her 'Snotgirl' thinking we would come up with a better title later, but it stuck."

Everything will change for Lottie, though, when she meets a new girl named Caroline. "Caroline is the dream. She's perfect," said O'Malley. "Lottie struggles all day every day to be 80% of a Caroline. Caroline rolls out of bed at 110%."

"Everything Caroline does seems effortless to Lottie, whose every move is highly calculated," added artist Hung, who described the series as "kind of like 'Sex and the City' meets 'American Psycho.'"

Image's official description of the series, as posted on their website, can be found below.

New York Times bestselling writer Bryan Lee O'Malley teams up with artist Leslie Hung, colorist Mickey Quinn, and letterer/designer Mare Odomo for SNOTGIRL, a dark comedy set in the world of fashion bloggers.

"Snotgirl is funny and f*cked up," O'Malley warned. "It's full of fascinating characters you'll love to hate. Leslie's art is lush and beautiful."

Lottie is a huge success-she's blog famous! Her online persona is flawless and fun, but her real life is filled with woes. She has terrible allergies, she just got dumped, and her blogger friends don't understand her. Things turn around when Lottie instantly clicks with Caroline, a new girl on the scene... but can she turn chemistry into friendship, or will she ruin everything?

Hung added: "This is my first ongoing series, so I'm really excited. Snotgirl is going to be the best comic ever, if we don't die making it!"

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