Bryan Hitch Is Working on a Themed Series of Superman Covers

Artist Bryan Hitch has shared a black and white cover for an upcoming issue of Superman, joking that since series writer Brian Michael Bendis had "leaked" the image before him, he'd share it as well, along with some additional information.

According to Hitch, the art (embedded below) is the first in a series of covers he's drawing for DC, each of which will focus on one of  Superman's various powers. The piece below is titled Flight, with subsequent covers to be titled Heat, Strength and Speed. 

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The art shows Superman taking flight and zooming over the city, the streets busy with traffic and The Daily Planet's familiar globe in the background.

Bryan Hitch is the artist and co-creator of The Authority and Marvel's The Ultimates. The illustrator also created the art for a 1991 Superman Annual.

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Hitch is famous for his "widescreen" approach to comic storytelling, full of highly detailed, dynamic double-splash pages and detailed facial close-ups, a style designed to evoke the sensation of watching a big budget film. This image of Superman taking flight is the perfect example of the Hitch's ability to do just that, giving us a Man of Steel we truly believe can fly.

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