Bryan Hitch renews Marvel exclusive

Official Press Release

Marvel Comics is pleased to announce that artist Bryan Hitch (THE ULTIMATES) has renewed his exclusive creator agreement with the publisher, keeping him with the House of Ideas family through the year 2006.

"Working on The Ultimates has been a real career highlight and extremely rewarding," said Hitch. "I'm having a great time and have had such support and generosity from Joe [Quesada], Bill [Jemas] and Ralph [Macchio] that I couldn't even consider an alternative to re-upping with Marvel exclusively. Besides, Ultimates isn't finished and despite the trials of the last twelve months it's very important to me that I complete my work with Mighty Mark Millar on the book.

"Mark and I want to wrap Ultimates up in a pleasantly regular manner and we have a project under discussion to follow that should shake some Marvel foundations ... and boy, are we excited at the prospects! In the meantime Ultimates Volume 2 is on the drawing board and our plan is to surprise anybody who thinks they know what to expect after reading Volume 1."

"There's not much more than can be said about Hitchy (he lets me call him that) that hasn't already been said," remarked Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "From awards to accolades he is without question one of the premier artists in the history of comics. I believe his work on Ultimates with Milly (Millar has no idea I call him that) will go down as one of the most historic comic book runs ever!

"Having Bryan sign with us again is just thrilling for me because it's talents like his that make my job easier. As Editor-in-Chief I'm proud that Bryan has extended his commitment and trust and as a friend I'm proud of all the brilliant work he's done for us. He also plays a mean classical piano!"

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