Bryan Hitch Drops Sneak Peek of His and Warren Ellis’ Batman’s Grave

In anticipation of his new project with writer Warren Ellis, artist Bryan Hitch has released new artwork from their 12-issue miniseries The Batman's Grave.

On his Twitter, Hitch shared three new pieces, all of which he labeled as works-in-progress. Each sneak peek shows the Dark Knight in action. In the first, he fights someone who wears a bowtie and a jacket, which could indicate a tussle with the Joker in his future. In another, he crouches low, even as smoke billows out behind him. The final piece sees him being tackled backwards through a window.

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In each piece, Hitch's pencils look just about complete. He was in the process of inking when he shared them. At the time of writing, it is unclear which issues these panels will appear in or if they are from the same issue.

According to the series synopsis,

The team that brought us The Authority now turn their talents towards The World’s Greatest Detective, whose current case forces him to inhabit the mind of a murder victim with a half-eaten face -- without filling the empty grave next to those of his parents.

But first, Ellis and Hitch get into the mind of a butler. Once a week, rain or shine, Alfred Pennyworth walks to a little cemetery plot in the Wayne Manor grounds. He meticulously tends to Thomas and Martha’s headstones, plinths and slabs: weeding, cleaning, polishing. But how much longer before there’s another Wayne memorial to tend to?

Within this dynamic duo’s new comic lives a Batman with an almost psychotic identification with murder victims. He immerses himself in their lives and obsesses over every detail of their deaths. Even as Batman would process the evidence and approach the perpetrator from one side, he would live inside the life of the victim as they approached their death.

The Batman's Grave #1 releases October 6 and will feature a variant cover from JeeHyung Lee.

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