Bryan Fuller To Revive 'Amazing Stories' At NBC

The anthology series Amazing Stories is oft remembered by a select group of '80s kids who grew up on everything touched by Stephen Spielberg. But now NBC is hoping that group is big enough to help relaunch the franchise.

Deadline reports that the network has signed Hannibal executive producer to team with Spielberg's own Amblin TV label to bring a new version of Amazing Stories to air.

Though it was only on for two years, the original series featured work by acclaimed filmmakers including Martin Scorsese, Joe Dante, Clint Eastwood and Brad Bird who launched his well-known "Family Dog" characters on the show. It also won five Emmys, mostly for the Spielberg-helmed, John Lithgow-starring WW2 episode "The Mission."

Amblin TV’s Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey will produce the new take alongside Fuller, though no planned air date is set.

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