Bryan Fuller No Longer Showrunner of Star Trek: Discovery

Acclaimed producer Bryan Fuller will no longer be showrunner of "Star Trek: Discovery," the next TV installment in the franchise launching next year on CBS All Access. Though he won't be showrunner, Fuller will still serve as executive producer on the series.

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According to Variety, Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts are filling Fuller's showrunner shoes as the series gears up for filming next month in Toronto, Canada. The site also notes that Oscar-winning writer Akiva Goldsman has boarded the series in "a top creative role," as he will provide "producing support" for Berg and Harberts. Alex Kurtzman, the series' executive producer from the beginning, is still attached to the project in the same role.

Fuller's stepping down is reportedly a result of some strain with producer CBS Television Studios, as Fuller wraps work on Starz's "American Gods" series, also filming in Toronto. Though Fuller penned the first two episodes of "Star Trek: Discovery" and contributed to the overall mythology of the new "Trek" TV series, it seems he couldn't commit the time to "Discovery" to hit the release date of May 2017. The series was reportedly delayed to give sufficient time to work on visual effects.

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Berg and Harberts previously worked on ABC's "Pushing Daisies" with Fuller, while Goldsman previously collaborated with Kurtzman on Fox's "Fringe." The new structure of "Star Trek: Discovery's" staff was established quickly over the course of this past weekend.

The site also mentions that there is "internal stress" at the studio over the casting of the lead character, a female lieutenant commander referred to as "Number One."

Despite Fuller's departure from "Star Trek: Discovery" on a day-to-day basis, CBS is reportedly pleased with the material he's has delivered for the series. His departure is merely a compromise to ensure the May 2017 launch of the series on CBS All Access.

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